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Best Sports To Play In the Rain


Playing in the rain is one of the childhood fantasies that we cherish all our lives. Even when you are 40, it is hard to fight back that impulse to just jump into the muddy soil and enjoy the rains. Some sports become more enjoyable when played in the rain. We all have enjoyed playing some of the best sports under the rain.

While some of your favourite games like cricket cannot be played when it rains, other sports are at their best when it is pouring down. Take football for example. Here is a list of the best sports that can be played when the natural showers are on.

Best Sports To Play In The Rain:

Swimming Pool: Nowadays, we have swimming pools inside the building and thus cannot enjoy the natural showers while we soak in the pool. But earlier, most swimming pools were in the open air. If you can still manage to find a pool that doesn't have a roof to block out the rain, then you can still enjoy this experience. The ripples that are created in the pool when it rains sends shivers of joy down your spine.

Football: Cricket is a gentleman's game so it might be called off due to the rains. But football is all about getting dirty and muddy so a rain won't stop play this sport. If football is not your favourite game, then you probably haven't played it under the first rains. The muddy splashes, the watery struggle and the slippery ball creates its own charm around the game.

Hockey: If you can play Ice Hockey then you might as well play some water hockey too. A game of hockey like football does not have to be stopped because of rain. You can always play a bit of hockey in the mud and splash around in the puddles with your hockey sticks.

Water Polo: It is rare for kids to play water polo in the true sense of the sport. Most kids play a make-shift version of water polo when they are on the pool with a ball! When it is raining and visibility is low, the game gets all the more adventurous.

Boating: We are not talking about boating in a real boat! Do not try to go boating in the rains or else you will capsize along with the boat. We are talking about your childhood hobby of making paper boats. Make paper boats and set them sail in any place that is waterlogged. Compete with your friends on the basis of whose boat sails for the longest!

These are some of the most fun sports you can play in the rain. Can you think of any others?

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