World Environment Day: How To Go Green At Work?

By Staff

5th June is celebrated as the World Environment Day. Every year, we decide to take up initiatives to go green and save our environment.

However, the trends and adapted lifestyle have made us get used to the non-eco-friendly habits and items. We can decide to go green and do our bit.

Go Green At Work

Start off at home by taking basic steps of planting trees and going eco-friendly. So why stop this good deed at just home, do the same thing at workplace too!

Here are a few ways to go green at your workplace too.

If it is possible to avoid the usage of paper, go for it! Instead of doing paperwork, use computers. Go eco-friendly by avoiding printers. If you are using paper, opt for recycled paper. See that the paper has less chlorine bleach.

Instead of taking out fresh notepads, finish the empty space from the existing piece of notes first. Print or write on both the sides of the paper. Before disposing of, use the papers as much as you can.

Always turn off your system before leaving. If you save energy, by doing so, you are saving the future of the coming generations. Whenever you go out for a break or leave for home, make sure you do not forget to turn off your computer system.

Instead of using plastic show-pieces to decorate your bay, go for bonsai plants and fish bowls. You can keep small plants in containers and decorate your desk. If you feel plants will look odd, pick up your favourite fish and bring the bowl to work. This is one of the easiest ways to go green at work.

There is eco-friendly furniture available in the market. Use them and go green!

Save lights and go natural. If it is a bright sunny day, turn off your lights and open the curtains. It is fun to work in natural light. You will not even feel sleepy! If you are using lights, do not forget to turn it off before you leave from work.

Why wear brands when eco-friendly apparel is available in the market? Yes! There are a few famous brands that make eco-friendly fabric clothes which are not harmful to the environment. On this environment day, decide to go green at work and do your bit!

Leave the car or bike keys at home. Instead, get a cycle and start paddling to work. You are not only doing your bit to stay eco-friendly but also saving your health from the harmful diseases such as stress, weight gain or fatigue.

Start carrying your lunch in reusable containers, as the reusable containers are said to be healthier than the plastic ones. The best thing about these boxes is that it can be reused!

Try these ways to go eco-friendly. The World Environment Day is celebrated to create an awareness about the rising social and nature's problem. Should we do our bit? Are you with us?

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