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Things To Do When Boss Is Angry With You

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The days when your boss is angry with you, the office environment is very grim. You feel stressed up to the point of bursting. There might be a number of reasons for your boss to be mad at you. While some of these reasons are valid, the others may be just fictional. You cannot do anything about the invalid reasons, but the valid ones can help you impress your boss again. If you want to release the anger that your boss has for you, then there are a few very simple tricks to try. It will take a little bit of effort and some quick wit to sail you through the crisis.

These are some of the full-proof ways to impress an angry boss and gain his/her favour again.

 When Boss Is Angry With You

Things To Do When Your Boss Is Angry At You:

Reach Office Early: As they say, "Morning tells the day". You will always be in a better position to impress your boss if you reach earlier than him or her. Every boss likes to see his or her employees hard at work when he or she gets to office. Now you may work equally hard after your boss arrives but what counts is being there at the right time.

Maintain A Low Profile: You may be the life of your office as you are an extrovert and talk to everybody. However, it is best to maintain a low profile when your office environment is tense. You never know how and what you say may be used against you. Concentrate on your work and keep the socialising aside for a couple of weeks. This will give the impression that you are serious about your work.

Do Not Take Any Leaves: When your domestic help tells you that her or she is not going to come for the the next 2 days, how do you feel? Irritated because you have to do all the work yourself. Now that is exactly how your boss feels when you take leaves. It is not the legitimacy of your requirement for leave, but the impact of it that pisses off your boss. So, make sure you are regular to work and do not take any unaccounted leaves.

Do Not Curry Favour: When your boss is angry with you, your sweet words will fall into deaf ears. So there is no point in being overtly appreciative and showering your boss with false praises. In fact, even over friendliness can be dangerous when your boss is mad at you. If you really want to impress your boss then be normal. Speak to your boss courteously but there is no need to be so nice that you appear guilty.

Fix The Cause: Now nobody would get angry with you without any cause. You must have done something to gather the wrath of your boss. Find out through intuition and a bit of smart gossip with colleagues, what exactly has made you go out of favour. It could be that you take too many calls during work or you have been coming late to office. Either ways, eliminate the cause and be consistent for a while. You will manage to impress your boss again.

These are some important things to do when your boss is angry with you. Now, if your boss is not a person who is malicious by nature then these tips should work. If not, then you better look for another job!

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