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Healthy Gift Ideas For Friendship Day!

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Your Friendship Day gift is different from anything else you have presented to your friend. It is a celebration of a relationship where you share and care. So, how will you tell your friend that you really care? You can givw him or her the most expensive gift that money can buy, but by giving a healthy gift will be the mark of true friendship. Yes, your Friendship Day gift this year must be reflect good health of your buddy.

We are all terribly casual when it comes to our health. We postpone exercise, skip health check-ups and miss appointments with the doctor to attend official meetings. So, here are some gift ideas that will make your friend a healthier person.

Healthy Gift Ideas

Healthy Gift Ideas For Friendship Day:

1. Gym Package: When your friend opens the gift wrapping and finds a voucher for 'lose ten kilos' at a gym, he or she will be pissed. Nobody likes to told that they are fat. Even if it comes from your best friend, it will hurt. But after the initial string of abuses, they will realise that it is one of the best Friendship Day gifts they have got.

2. Thai Massage Voucher: If you know that your friend has been struggling with a back ache or joint pain for quite some time, then this is the most healthy gift for him or her. Like the rest of us, your friend too must be putting off the aches and pains until it becomes unbearable. Gift your friend a ticket to a painless living.

3. Quit-Smoking Kit: The perfect gift for all your friends who are smokers. This kit should ideally contain anti-nicotine chewing gum, mouth spray and an electronic cigarette. Your friend will be very impressed with this gift idea and will praise you for being so thoughtful. But in all probability, he or she will not use it. So along with the gift you need to call once every week to take a report on their progress.

4. Master Health Check Up: Most of like to think that our lifestyles are healthy. We keep telling ourselves that we will get admitted to the hospital in the weekend and get ourselves checked thoroughly. But that mythical weekend never comes. Some fatal diseases like breast cancer and cervical cancer can be detected only by regular health check-ups. So, if your friend ignores his or her health check ups, this will be the best gift for them.

These are some of the healthy ideas for surprising your buddy this Friendship Day. Which one are you picking?

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