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What we crave for most in cramped apartments and a busy city life is not money but space. Believe it or not, it can be a challenging task to find a cozy reading spot even at your own house. Most of us read in crowded local trains, bus stops or in waiting rooms. But, good book does require a good secluded reading nook. After all, reading is something we do for personal pleasure.

To find the perfect reading spot at your home or elsewhere, you could try some of the ideas given here.

How To Find A Reading Spot:

1. Under The Tree: Not all of us are blessed with gardens that have shady trees in them. But, there are many parks and gardens in the city we live in. Most people utilize the privacy of the park to make out. You use it to read in the lap of nature.

2. In The Bathroom: It may not be as pretty as reading under the dappled green of the tree shade, but it surely is a personal space. It is the only place in your home where you will be alone every time. Convert your 30 minutes of loo time every morning into an enjoyable reading time. At least this reading nook can never be violated.

3. In The Balcony: Your balcony is not a smoking zone in your house. Nor is it by oath a place to check out the neighbourhood girls. It is in fact, the best reading nook. Make the lighting interesting and you will turn it into a comfortable reading place for nights as well.

4. In The Pooja Room: Most Indian homes have pooja rooms where the altar of the gods is placed. Most often, it is a haven of peace and tranquility. Reading is gathering knowledge and knowledge is a way to divinity. You should have no qualms about making this your reading spot unless you are reading 'Letters From Penthouse'.

5. In The Attic: Yes, it is dusty and cramped, but if that is how far you have to go to find a comfortable personal space, then so be it. Make yourself comfortable amongst the dredges and ruins in your store room or attic and read happily. No one will interrupt you here.

6. On The Terrace: Not everybody has a personal terrace, but your house or apartment definitely has a common terrace. Choose a spot there to lay down your wares. A comfortable rug, reading pillow and a good enough source of light, makes it an appropriate reading spot.

7. Mid Night Cafes: Want to enjoy some night time reading while your spouse is glued to the television? Then the 24 x 7 cafes are just for you. They remain open all night but the crowd starts thinning after midnight. Order a coffee and sit for hours; they won't throw you out!

When there is such a dearth of personal space, we have to find out alternatives. Have you ever tried any other reading spots?

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Story first published: Monday, June 18, 2012, 12:10 [IST]
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