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Excuses To Avoid Rakhi From Her!

A Rakhi tied on your wrist should ideally make you proud to be the protector of your sister. However, if it is coming from your long time school crush, it is a nightmare. Many girls make their friends and classmates their 'Rakhi brothers'. Sometimes, this is quite contrary to the emotions of the poor guy who probably has romantic ideas about the girl. This makes the auspicious occasion of Raksha Bandhan an awkward affair for poor boys. To help you get out of this tough spot, try these excuses to avoid a Rakhi from your 'special someone'.

Excuses To Avoid Rakhi:

1. Lets not complicate our friendship: You can be friends with your brother but turning a friend into brother is not always as easy or acceptable. You can tell her that you two are 'good friends' and you would avoid complicating the relationship by bringing brotherly love into the equation. If she is a reasonable girl then she won't insist on making you her Rakhi brother. Who knows, she might even get a hint of your feelings.

2. My sister will not approve: Do not want to become her Rakhi brother? Blame it on your over possessive sister. Tell the girl pursuing you with a 'rakhi' that your own sister is very possessive. She wont approve you accepting Rakhis from anyone else. And as it is Raksha Bandhan, you by any chance do not want to hurt your sister's feeling. Your 'Rakhi sister' will go away thinking of what a sweet brother you are.

3. I hate my sister, I don't want to hate you: Well although it might sound a little melodramatic, but if you can add the right facial expression to this excuse then it will surely work. Most siblings have rivalry and grow up fighting with each other. If you are in that age group (10 to 19 years) when this rivalry between brother and sister is at its worst then you can try this excuse. Give an account of the real or imagined woes that your sister has caused you due to which you do not want any more sisters!

4. I have a crush on your sister: The best way to dodge a Rakhi from a girl is to become an admirer of her sister or cousin sister. Tell her how much you have always liked her sister/cousin. Now if she ties a Rakhi on your wrist you will become your beloved's brother by default! This has two benefits; firstly she will be off your back and secondly, she might actually help hook you up with her sister!

These are some hilarious ways to avoid becoming someone's Rakhi brother. But the best excuse of them all is to bunk school or college on the day when girls are ready with their rakhis.

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