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Bizarre Medical Treatments Around The World

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Many a times when a medical treatment from a doctor doesn't work then we turn to alternative medicine. Many people don't believe in alternative medicine and call it bizarre medical treatment. But still the success stories of these bizarre medical treatments are unparalleled. Alternative medicine includes a huge range of treatments. From a simple acupuncture therapy to eating raw fish and sometimes even swallowing a frog, the scope of this kind of alternative medicine is huge.

Bizarre medical treatments are hard to believe in but, as far as it works on the conditions and symptoms of the diseases we can't question it. So, take a look at some of the bizarre medical treatments practiced around the world.

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1. Fish medicine: Do you remember the popular shot from the Bollywood movie 'Dil Chahta Hai' where actor Amir Khan swallows a fish and gives jitters to his audience? Well, its real for many people who believe in live fish medicine cure. In the city of Hyderabad there is a group called the Bathini Goud brothers. The group draws thousands to their camp to take part in the administering of the fish medicine. In this fish treatment, a live fish that has been dipped in homemade medicine is swallowed by a patient. The people believe that this live fish therapy can help them to cure asthma and other respiratory problems.

2. Hujame: Hujama is another weirdest medical therapy that you can think of. In this treatment a vacuum is created on the patient's skin by placing inverted cups. Then an incision is made on the skin. The vacuum created on the skin draws blood from the body hence it punctures blood vessels and give relief to back pain. Hujama is a weird medical therapy done in Palestine and in areas near the Gaza strip.

3. Terrapin turtle treatment: In Cambodia, the use of terrapin turtles in treatment of rheumatism and other body ailments is very common. People in Cambodia and those who believe in this treatment feel that animals like turtles and snakes have got supernatural healing powers. So, these creepy creatures are used to treat many health problems.

4. Doctor fish treatment: Garra rufa obtusas, also famous as doctor fish is used in the treatment to heal Psoriasis, which is a chronic skin disease. This therapy is very famous in Kangal Central Anatolian city of Sivas. People travel to Kangal every year to get this medical treatment done. Here, the face of the patient is dipped in a hot spa pool where doctor fish also swims. Garra rufa obtusas lives in mineral-rich hot spa pools. Therefore, it is believed that dipping your face in hot water pool where doctor fish lives can be very effective in treating skin problems.

5. Hot sand bath: This is very commonly practiced in Egypt. People here believes in this hot sand bath treatment. Those who suffer from joint pain, sexual impotency or other such problems are buried in the sand during the hottest time of the day.

These are few bizarre medical treatments that are practiced in various places around the world. Have you experienced any of them yet?

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