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Life's experiences will teach you that it is the stories that are inspired from true events that make the best reads. When it comes to choosing the best books for women, things really aren't that different. If we had to name a list of 5 book on Women Day 2012 that every woman should read, then it would be the books that are based on the real life stories of some exceptional woman.

These best books for women that we are talking about are at once exceptional, inspiring, disappointing and humbling for every average woman. That is why to make Women's Day 2012 special, you must consider adding them to your reading list.

The 4 Best Book For Women That Include Real Women:

1. My Feudal Lord: Tehmina Durrani who hails from a very aristocratic family in Pakistan had her first brush with her literary qualities after her second divorce. Through her work we see much more than the 'feudal lord' she is talking about. We see a society that is struggling with it's feudal past and modern present. Tehmina Durrani's husband was top brass politician in Pakistan. You probably know the name Mustapha Khar and yet she wrote not defeated by his powder exposing a scary monster of a man in her bedroom.

2. The Provoked: If you have seen the glamorous movie starring the pretty Aishwarya Rai as Kiranjeet Ahloowalia, then you probably missed one of the best books for women. The character of Kiranjeet who is also the writer of the book burned her husband alive. She did so after being a battered wife for more than decade bearing regular assault, humiliation and rape. She raised many medical questions about the mental condition that we now call, the 'batter woman syndrome'.

3. The Princess Series: This series is obviously authored by Jean Sasson but the story is a brain child of an enigmatic yet unknown Saudi princess. She writes through her trusted friend to expose the hidden world of Arab women, these inner gardens and the pain hidden in the opulence of the royalty to the world. She does this at her own peril because the day her identity is discovered she will lose more than her life for this battle.

4. Diary Of A Young Girl: Ann Frank, the 11 year old who never lived to see the publication of her only work. Ann Frank's diary tells us more than just the aspirations and inner thoughts of a young girl. It tells us about life in a cellar for the Jewish community when Hitler’s Last Solution was under way. Ann never survived the death camps but her work did and does till today.

These 4 real life stories are worth celebrating on Women;'s Day 2012 because the truth is really stranger than fiction. That is what makes these the best books for women.

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Story first published: Thursday, March 8, 2012, 11:53 [IST]
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