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15 Must-Buy Books At The Jaipur Literary Festival
The Jaipur Literary Festival has grown into quite a prestigious event with several noted authors making an appearance, since its humble beginning in 2006. The media attention is huge, as several noted celebrities make their way to the festival. Top ...
20 Books That Touched You Forever
How many books have actually touched your life? There are some books that change your life forever. You are never same after you have read these books. If you have a list of the books that touched your heart, then you ...
Twenty Books That Touched You Forever 046494 Pg
10 Signs You Love Literature Like Crazy
Literature is food for the finer senses. Very few people actually study literature as they are passionate about it. However, there are still some people who love literature and do not just study it as a subject in school or college. ...
Books That Survive Maya Angelou's Death
Maya Angelou is most famous for saying the words 'I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings'. And the caged bird has been finally released from her mortal body. Maya Angelou passed away on May 28, 2014. She left behind lots of ...
Books That Survive Maya Angelou Death
5 Important Books On Indian History
One of the most powerful connects between Indians is the mind-boggling history. The monarchy form of government, the invasion of the British and the consequent freedom movement characterize the rich Indian history. It only becomes imperative that we understand the ...
8 Books That Can Change Your Life
Books are like friends for some and teachers for others. The former will be a crowd of people who consider reading books as a part of hobby; while the latter one belongs to the group of book lovers who are really ...
Books That Can Change Your Life
20 Best English Novels By Indian Authors
How many English novels by Indian authors have you read? I bet not many. Most of our literature courses concentrate on Western writers and a few token Indian writers as part of our syllabus. Most of our young generation are ...
5 Best Sci-fi Novels You Must Read
Reading is a great pass time which unfortunately the present generation of men and women have long forgotten. Today we do not like reading lengthy books, fiction or non-fiction; we do not even like reading the magazine anymore! There are different ...
Best Sci Fi Novels You Must Read
World Book Day Special: 20 Indian Women Writers
Women's Day 2014 is in just two days from now. And what better way to celebrate this special day for women than knowing about women who have made their mark in history. Boldsky brings you a series of Indian women writers ...
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