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Airplane Etiquette Rules To Remember!

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Air Travel Rules
Air travel is fun when you know the rules or plane etiquette well. People who travel in airplanes are educated and expect some decency from fellow passengers. Today, we will briefly discuss on the air travel rules (plane etiquette) with simple examples. Do take a look, its' fun!

Those who travel frequently in airplanes might have several examples to give about travellers and their weird behaviour. Some misbehaviour will not only tarnish the image of the individual but also of the nation so one has to follow these things very seriously.

Air Travel Etiquette Rules
1. The rules advise to place one of your luggage in the cabin and the other (if any) below your seat - Do not force your bag if there isn't an appropriate place. Seek help from the hostess.

2. The travellers will have to be seated until all the passengers aboard. Generally, there is a practice, people who aren't comfortable with the seats try to move around and exchange but rules are rules and will not allow such a practice until the flight has taken off.

3. According to the etiquette, one has to show consideration for the exchange of seats. Old people, kids or physically challenged need to considered for window seats. The armrest belongs to passenger seated in the middle.

4. One should know how much to recline seats as it shouldn't disturb the person behind. He who will plan to bend his seat will have to notify his fellow traveller.

5. One should also know how to behave while travelling in a plane. A two line introduction is fine but going on and on may annoy the person planning to rest.

6. Your basic restroom rules follow hear too. Do not forget to flush the toilet after use and maintain the floor dry. Use tissues if necessary.

7. Make sure you give all the garbage that you dumped in the seat pockets to the flight attendant. The pocket is not your personal garbage bin so all your chocolate wrappers and empty bottles need to be carried while you deplan.

8. While deplaning, do not rush to the exit door as that the basic air plane etiquette. We often find many doing it and that's not what the rules advise. Wait until your turn and make way for those close to the exit door.

9. The basic travel tips state that the passenger will need to be atleast half an hour before the departure time.

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Story first published: Tuesday, February 7, 2012, 16:19 [IST]
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