Its Earth Day: Vouch To Save The Earth

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April 22nd is observed as the Earth Day across the globe. With the aim of spreading awareness about the importance of saving the mother earth, US Senator, Gaylord Nelson first came up with the idea in 1970.

To mark this day, awareness campaigns, educational programmes, painting competitions and other activities are organised to spread the message of saving the earth.

Save The Earth

In the national capital, a group of students have launched a campaign to save the polluted river, Yamuna that flows through Delhi. Unfortunately, it carries untreated domestic water and industrial wastes of the city.

The Ministry of Environment and Forests in a bid to arrest river pollution, has undertaken measures to clean the river under an action plan (Yamuna Action Plan-YAP).

Students in other parts of the country have also organised awareness programmes and street plays to spread the awareness. Activities like planting trees, cleaning nearby lakes and rivers are undertaken in full zeal.

Earth Day explores and reinforces ways to save the planet from emissions and global warming in the wake of crops crashing, water vanishing and the ozone hole threatening to get bigger than the stratosphere itself.

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