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Global Warming

Brooke Shields Much Concerned About Nature
The 'Pretty Baby' actress Brooke Shields is much anxious about the growing uncertainty in the aspects of global warming. Shields is doing a new comedy flick 'Furry Vengeance' with Brendan Fraser. The movie portraits the story of a real estate developer ...
Its Earth Day: Vouch To Save The Earth
April 22nd is observed as the Earth Day across the globe. With the aim of spreading awareness about the importance of saving the mother earth, US Senator, Gaylord Nelson first came up with the idea in 1970.To mark this day, awareness ...
Earth Day
Cool Shimla: Gets Hot!
Shimla has always been one of the most favourite tourist destinations of Northern India. The cool and pleasant climate during summer makes it a preferred destination for everyone. However, nothing is the same any more.Shimla is no longer as cool and ...
Genetically Modified Flowers To Have Long Lasting Aroma
Global warming is not only pushing animals into extinction, but also have casted its spell on plants and flowers.Flowers, due to global warming are losing their fragrance and the only way out is to introduce genetically modified flowers. Making genetically modified ...
Genetically Modified Aroma
Coral Algae May Suvive Global Warming
A team of scientists have discovered a diversity of corals harboring unusual species of symbiotic algae in the warm waters of the Andaman Sea in the northeastern Indian Ocean.This discovery made by researchers from Penn State University and international collaborators, is ...
Coral Algae Global Warming
Global Warming May Push Primates To Extinction
A new study has alarmed the naturalists. According to the study, global warming could threaten the existence of mountain gorillas and other leaf eating primates.Experts predicted that the annual temperatures are expected to rise by 2 degrees Celsius ...
The Polluted City Of Temples!
On the occasion of the World Photography Day, the photography enthusiast in the holy city of Varanasi held a photo exhibition to spread awareness on the rising global warming and pollution that is threatening the existence of both ...
Polluted Varanasi Photography Day
A Green Home To Fight Global Warming!
The word 'global warming' is becoming a household name these days. Humanity around the world has started thinking the ways out of this calamity. At this time, buying a “green home” might be the best bet.A green home ...
Global Warming Green Home
It’s Playtime For Kids!
Do you know what might adversely affect the mental status of kids in the present generation? It's none other than the fewer playtimes for them. Today's kids are not playing enough as their predecessors.The trouble with the adults ...
Mirrors In Space To Fight Global Warming
As global warming raises serious concerns about the future of the world. The scientists have come up with an unique method to fight the global warming. The method includes firing trillions of mirrors in to the space ...
Global Warming
White Paint Cuts Global Warming
A unique but simple method to reduce global warming is to paint the town white, according to geo-engineer, Hashem Akbarie from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California, US. ...
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