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Bright Smile Is All You Need

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

Little things in life have more importance than we can imagine. Smile, is one of such things. What better way to welcome a day than a bright smile. I specify on 'bright smile' because it is the best expression of happiness, contentment and honesty. A smile can also be sarcastic too but the benefits are less.

Exterior look of a person is the most important. A bright smile is also a part of your exterior look. It makes the other person feel welcomed, comfortable and friendly. All it takes is the workout of a few muscles which on the other hand can get you a lot of benefits.

One person who understood the benefits of a bright smile, Harvey Ball, introduced the very popular 'Smiley' in the year 1963. But soon, the smiley was also becoming a commercial tool, thus, he introduced the World Smile Day, which is celebrated on the first Friday of October every year.

Benefits Of Bright Smile

1.Popularity – As mentioned earlier, a bright smile is very welcoming. Thus, you soon find many friends and become popular for your friendly nature. It opens the door to other around you and you become an approachable person. People can talk to you without hesitation, which is one of the qualities we look for in our good friend.

2.Good For Mood – Chocolates are good for depression, but if you accompany it with a smile the results are better. Just tell yourself, 'forget it. Lets move on', smile bright to yourself and you will be surprised to see how good it feels.

3.It is Contagious – "Smiling is contagious, you can catch is like a Flu" and it is very true. It can make people smile back and thus, you can change the mood of the place, make people around you happy in minutes.

4.Reduce Stress – When you are worn out and your face reflects then just put on a smile and it will over shadow all your worries, not only from your face but also from your mind.

5.It improves Health – It has the ability to check your high BP, improve your immune system etc. Your body works better when you are happy. A relaxed mind will give you are better health.

6.Stay Positive – As mentioned earlier, it is a sign of positivity. Your positive attitude will make people around you feel positive and a positive energy gets positive result.

So, start your day with a bright smile ans enjoy it's benefits for a successful future.

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Story first published: Monday, September 20, 2010, 14:23 [IST]
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