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Celebs Stay In The Limelight Regardless Of Talent!

By Staff

There is a time in all artists' lives to loose their Midas touch. Despite being under the media glare for decades, a time comes when actors, singers or even sport stars to bid good-bye to the limelight. Even then, some celebrities manage to make world headlines daily.

Why some stars burn bright, long, long after their talent has faded - if it ever was there to begin with. Why their contemporaries fail to accomplish that? The simple reason for this is that people need something to talk about.

Human desire to find common ground in conversation pushes individuals to discuss already popular people. Famous or well-known stars will become more prominent than unknown stars. In the market of popular culture, quality dictates the difference between popularity and obscurity.

People's conversation could drive fame, independent of quality! Most people conversed about popular but under-performing artists rather than more obscure artists who put up amazing numbers. Prominent people stay popular for longer than they ought to because they serve as conversational fodder, which in turn drives more media coverage.

of Stanford University in California conducted this study.

Story first published: Monday, June 29, 2009, 16:05 [IST]
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