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Loneliness: 11 Tips That Will Help You Overcome It

Loneliness can be difficult to conquer and it can escalate even if you are surrounded by your close ones. It can creep in even if you share an intimate bonding with someone. Sense of belonging is essential for every human being but it is important to understand that being lonely and being alone are two different things. Therefore, loneliness has nothing to do with living alone.

The problem of loneliness can be faced by anyone and has nothing to do with age.

There can be several factors that can trigger loneliness. It can arise when there is a lack of communication or social connection in a person's life. A person can also feel lonely if any form of relationship in his or her life is at risk.

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A person who is going through the pain of loneliness, might not know what to do in order to come out of it. Fret no more, as we have listed down a few things that you can do if you think loneliness is killing you.

1. Identify The Cause

Before trying to solve a problem, you should understand the cause of the problem. Similarly, you can first work on identifying the cause of your loneliness and look for possible solutions. It can be the death of someone dear to you or the betrayal you faced in your relationship/friendship that can trigger your loneliness. It is highly important to ask yourself the reason behind your loneliness.

2. Go Beyond Human Connection

Who said you only need humans to make you feel lively? There are so many things that can make you feel better and less lonely. Nature, pets, books and movies are among them.

You can adopt a dog or a cat so that you feel less lonely. Animals are known for giving unconditional love. You can also read a good book to fill yourself with positive vibes and happiness.

3. Bring Out Your Creativity

There must be a time when you loved to indulge yourself in painting, writing poems, cooking or dancing. So, why not bring out that creativity once again? You can cook a nice recipe for yourself and sing meanwhile. Also, you can read a book or pen down your thoughts. This will not only help you to overcome your loneliness but also to put back your scattered life on track.

4. Go On A Date With Yourself

To go on a date, you won't have to find someone because you can be your best company. Go to your favourite restaurant and order your favourite dish. You can also shop for yourself. Do things that you would love others to do for you. This will definitely help you to heal in a better way.

5. Join A Social Group Or A Club

Feeling lonely is one of the most painful feelings. Even if there are hundreds of people around you, you might still feel lonely. In such a case, you won't feel like talking to these people or strangers to be specific as they might not understand you. Therefore, you can join a social group or club instead and share your stories with people who are themselves a victim of loneliness. Sharing your problems can make you feel better and who knows you might get effective solutions to deal with your loneliness.

6. Help Others To Heal Yourself

It is said unless you don't help others, you can't help yourself. Helping others will help you to understand your own worth. Helping other people and taking away their misery always feels good. You will be able to emotionally heal yourself and also help people in need.

7. Spend Time With Nature

Heard about forest bathing? Well, you can google it always. Spending time with nature can help you to fight with your loneliness to a great extent. As nature will fill you with positivity and make you feel fresh. The fresh air will turn your gloominess into happiness and will leave you with a pleasant experience. You can do gardening, water your plants and watch them grow. This will certainly help you to fight your loneliness.

8. Reconnect With Your Old Friends

Blessed are those who have genuine and supportive friends around them. It goes beyond saying that they make our lives beautiful. Your friends know you well and therefore, they can help you to overcome your loneliness by giving you the best companionship. You can call them more often and plan some weekend trips with them or have lunches and dinners with them. They will make you laugh and help you to enjoy the beautiful moments. Since they know you, they will be able to give you the best advice and will make sure you do not feel lonely any more.

9. Travel And Explore New Places

Travelling itself is therapy. When you travel to new places, you enrich your life with new experiences. A change in the environment will help you to acknowledge the beauty and happiness around you. You will get to meet new people and know about their culture and way of living. This will make you forget your loneliness.

10. Listen To Your Favourite Music

Music can also help you to deal with your loneliness. When you listen to your favourite songs, it relaxes your mind and counters your stress. All you need to do is tune to your favourite music and enjoy it. You can also try to sing along with the music. This way you will be engaging yourself in something that you like.

11. Spending Time With Your Family

There is no substitute for this. Your family is your biggest support that will stay with you in every aspect of your life. If you feel loneliness is killing you and you desperately need to get out of it, then you can seek help from your family. You can discuss your situation and let them know why you are in it. You can spend time with your siblings and cousins as you will be able to digress from your negative thoughts and relive your good old memories. Also, if there is a small kid in your home, you can play and spend some quality time with them. As kids come with the magic spell of making everyone happy around them.

Dealing with loneliness can be a difficult thing but not when you are determined to overcome it. Remember, "Self-help is the best help".

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