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We Have Listed 14 Ways When You Become Really Offensive Without Realising it

Do you know, you might be doing things that can seem rude to others? Though you don't realise these, people can find it extremely annoying and not so polite. Before you begin scratching your head and browse about the same on Google, scroll down to know what are those rude things that you do unknowingly.

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Have you faced an embarrassing situation where you accidentally closed a door without noticing someone was trying to enter through the door? Did you faced a situation where you picked accidentally picked up the same glass of water that a person was about to pick?

Well, these could be equally embarrassing and rude at the same time. However, there are many more less-than-polite practices that we follow without even realising if it is rude.

1. Using Phone While Someone Is Talking To You


Though you may receive an important email or a text at times and you have to reply as soon as possible, using your phone even when there is no such emergency can give a wrong signal to others. Instead, you can excuse yourself for a few minutes to reply to those important messages and emails.

2. Not Introducing People


Suppose you take a friend with you to meet someone they don't know. If you don't introduce them to each other, the situation will get really awkward and either of your friends or colleagues might feel offended.

Sometimes, out of excitement, you may forget to introduce people to each other, but repeating the same behaviour every time will send a wrong message to the people around you.

3. Ignoring Elderly People In Public Transports


Getting a window seat in public transports is not an easy thing. Sometimes, you may have to travel long distances on a crowded bus and getting a seat itself looks like a privilege. But if you are sitting and see an old person standing beside you, offering your seat to that person is a really polite gesture. Also, even if there are no vacant seats, you can make sure they are standing comfortably.

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4. Not Covering Your Mouth While Coughing Or Sneezing


There is no denying fact that sneezing and coughing in the public are annoying and in case you don't know, the common cold is contagious too. It is not nice if you are sneezing on someone's face, while you are on a bus or at the office. You should at least carry a handkerchief while you sneeze or cough. Else people may perceive you as a person with bad manners.

5. Using Someone's Belonging Without Seeking Permission


At times, we use our friends' belongings and let them use ours. But using their things without even seeking their permission is a bad habit and you may never know if they want to share something that is close to them so it is better to ask them before you use their belongings.

6. Talking About Yourself All The Time


There is no harm in talking about your good qualities, but if every time you make everything about yourself then things can be really annoying. Initially people may enjoy, but eventually, they may feel you are a narcissist or self-obsessed.

7. Not Acknowledging The Compliments Given By People Around You


It is quite normal for people to compliment each other at times and acknowledge the compliments with a 'thank you' or at least you can smile as it comes for free. But, if you are lacking these habits then you may end up losing friends. People may think you do not value their valuable compliments.

8. Forgetting People's Name


Remembering the name of the person you just met can be difficult at times. But forgetting the name of a person with whom you interact daily is not a very polite thing to do. This shows you hardly value the person and least interested in him/her.

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9. Entering Someone's Home Without Even Being Asked To


For humans, it is pretty obvious to feel excited to see how their friends' house looks like. But taking the lead and entering the house even before you asked to enter shows your vague and impatient attitude. Also, inviting yourself to have a tour of someone's house is not a good thing to do. Let the house owner take the charge.

10. Putting Your Call On Speaker While In Public


While you are walking on the road, you may come across certain people whose telephone etiquette has flown out of the window. These people will not only speak too loudly but will also put the call on speaker. If you are doing this then you must know, putting the call on speaker in public can make other people hear your conversation and this can be quite irritating for them at times.

11. Not Using 'Please' And 'Thank You' While Seeking Help


While we were kids, our parents and teachers repeatedly taught us these golden words 'please', 'sorry' and 'thank you'. People do know this but fail to practice it, especially when they are taking service from people. Using 'please' while you are making a request and 'thank you' after someone did something for you is a great thing.

12. Crossing Your Arms While Talking To Someone


No doubt crossing your arms can make you feel warm and comfy but people may perceive this gesture as your arrogance and rudeness. When you cross your arms, your body language suggests that you are least interested in the person standing in front of you or they may see this as a sign of disrespect.

13. Cancelling Plans Quite Often


Though you might have some genuine reasons to cancel your weekend plans with your friends, making it a habit is not a very good habit. Repeating this every time shows that you do not value your friends and do not feel like showing any commitment. Rather than promising your friends to stay in the plan and then cancelling it at the end moment, you can ask your friends to count you out, while they are making plans.

14. Making Speculations About People's Relationship Status


It is really interesting to know if your friends are dating someone or not. But making speculations about the relationship status of your friends or insisting them to reveal their partners is not a polite thing.

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Though you may not realise, people can be annoyed by your behaviour. In such cases, try to improve yourself and make sure to apologise if you find yourself doing any of the aforementioned things.

Story first published: Saturday, October 19, 2019, 11:09 [IST]