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Learn Parenting Tricks From This Cool Mother Who Uses Her Own Life-Size Cutout To Calm Her Son

Handling a toddler for a mother is way more difficult than it seems. We may have seen it many times, or all the times that as soon as their mother steps out of the child's vision, they start crying. To cope up with such situations, recently a man in Japan found a perfect solution for this.

Sato Nezi, the man behind the idea, made life-sized cardboard cutouts of the toddler's mother which could be placed across the room to trick her one-year-old boy into believing that she is around him. In this regard, the man posted the video to show how successful his plan was.

In the video, it can be seen how the mother quietly places her cutout before leaving while her child is busy playing. Following up to the video, here's how netizens have reacted.

However, to make the scenario more realistic for the child, the man designed two cutouts of the boy's mother - one in which she's kneeling while in the other she's is standing. Both the cardboard cutout's were kept in a place away from the reach of the child. It was designed by the service that makes different types of display boards for shops and supermarkets.

The idea was praised by many people while some of them criticized saying it could be traumatic for the child.

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Story first published: Saturday, December 14, 2019, 14:00 [IST]