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9 Tips That Will Help You If You Are Surrounded By Toxic People

Are you going through a situation where your partner is rude to you or he/she is blaming you for almost everything? Also, your co-worker pays no heed to your suggestions and advice and is always interested in the blame game if anything goes wrong? Well, then you might be surrounded by some toxic people around you.

Toxic people can be difficult to understand and their intent behind their actions can be vindictive. There is no denying that there are numerous moody people and at times they might yell at you. However, toxic people might not yell at you. Instead, they'll make you feel demotivated and will criticise you for numerous things.

Though you might decide who can be close to you, it becomes extremely challenging to deal with people who are toxic in nature. But you don't have to worry anymore as we have brought some tips that will help you in dealing with people who are toxic in nature:

1. Find Out Why Do They Target You

First things first, you need to find out the reason why toxic people target you. Most of the time toxic people will target only those who never acknowledge themselves and feel inferior among others. Also, people who are hardworking, kind, generous and soft-spoken are most likely to be targeted by the toxic people. Toxic people will make innocent people believe they are naive but in reality, they are a complete liar and always have evil intentions.

So, if you know someone like this, then you need to be aware of him/her.

2. Acknowledge Your Strength

Unless you don't acknowledge your strength, people will let you down, especially toxic ones. They can then manipulate and control you. If you are strong enough and do not get carried away easily, people won't use you for their entertainment or evil desires.

3. Avoid Giving Them The Attention

Toxic people will do anything to gain attention. Whatever they speak or do has the intention of gaining attention from everyone. They will interrupt between the conversation or talk over the people by either raising their voice or by asking other people to shut up. They become anxious when they do not get the attention that they are looking for.

Therefore, it is better to avoid giving attention to toxic people. You can tell them that you are busy with something that is important to you. This will help you in avoiding their toxic company to a great extent.

4. Learn To Say 'NO' To Them

There are many people who face a hard time to say 'NO' to people. these people usually end up doing all the work of their co-workers, roommates and friends, only because they can't deny or feel bad to say 'NO' to someone. And this is when toxic people try to annoy and take advantage of people who are kind, generous and can't say 'NO'.

So, if you are also the same, then you need to learn to say 'NO'. We are not saying that you don't have to help people. Of course, you can but helping those who make you feel demotivated and negative every time, is not a wise thing to do.

5. Speak What You Feel About Them

If your gut is telling you to speak the truth about how you feel about them (read toxic people) then you can do the same. You don't have to appreciate them for their sweet voice, dress, hairstyle or anything else. You are free to give your honest opinion about their behaviour. Tell them what they do is not a good thing and you are no more interested in entertaining them.

6. Avoid Paying Heed To What They Say

Toxic people love when you listen to them and therefore, they will always choose to walk to you so that you agree to whatever they say. Even if the matter is not important and has nothing to do with you, they will make sure you listen to them. This will obviously kill your productive time and make you feel exhausted.

Therefore, it is better that you avoid what these toxic people are saying. Rather than listening to each and everything, you can say, 'I am sorry, but I have other important work to do' or 'Can we please talk later as I am quite busy right now?'

7. Do What You Feel Is Right

There are many people who look for suggestions and validation from others. Even for small things, they won't trust their own decisions. This is where toxic people play their game. They will often give you suggestions and validations, deliberately. They will also expect you to follow what they say. Even if their suggestions are not good and may cause harm to you, they will expect you to take their words into account.

But you don't have to follow what they say. If you think something is right then you should go with the same rather than seeking validation every time.

8. Stop Taking Their Help

Toxic people will pretend that they are always keen to help you. They will speak sweet things to you and will say, 'I am there for you whenever you need me'. But the truth is they will help you only if they are getting benefited from the same situation. Also, once they help you, they will expect you to do something in return.
Therefore, rather than seeking help from people who are opportunistic and look forward to receiving favours from you, try to seek help from people who are genuine.

9. Make New And Supportive Friends

One of the most effective ways of dealing with toxic people is to make new and supportive friends. The moment you look for some meaningful companionship and relationship, toxic people will themselves stop bothering you. As they don't like people who are genuine and supportive. Also, this will make them feel you no more need them and have other important people around you.

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The world is full of people who will do anything to discourage other people. That doesn't mean you can't protect yourself from falling prey to such people. The key to living a happy life is to trust yourself and on your decisions and avoid taking validations from everyone. Only then, things will fall in the right place.

Story first published: Monday, November 4, 2019, 10:50 [IST]
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