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Woman Had A Spoon Stuck In Her Body

Several cases have been reported of unwanted items getting stuck in human bodies. These incidents are mostly accidental while some are intentional.

Here is one such case of a woman who had got a steel spoon stuck in her duodenum for days.

She claimed that she did not go to a doctor since she did not feel any pain! Check out more details of this bizarre case.


She Used The Spoon To Dislodge Fish Bone

It is reported that the woman had used a 5 inches long steel spoon to dislodge a fish bone that had got stuck in her throat.


She Had The Spoon Lodged In Her Body For 4 Days

It is reported that the woman had the spoon lodged inside her body for at least four days long. During this phase she didn't experience any kind of pain or discomfort.


The Surgery Was Done

She visited the doctor after 4 days of the incident when she started feeling slight pain. The doctors decided to do a surgery on her by following the X-ray and an endoscopy procedure. The doctors were able to retrieve the spoon from the patient's duodenum.


The Medics Revealed

Though the spoon was stuck in a complicated position, the doctors adjusted it before pulling it out. The entire process lasted for 10 minutes. Revealing about the details of the surgery, the doctors revealed that the metal object had caused some swelling and erosion in her duodenum.

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