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Mum Ironed Her Daughter’s Breasts To Make Her Look Ugly

Even though the world is progressing, sexual preferences of a person is still considered to be a taboo in a few cultures and practices.

Here is one such case of a woman whose mother wanted her to be ugly and hence, she decided to iron her daughter's breasts.

According to the victim, breast ironing ritual is nothing but an 'abuse' that 'dehumanises' women.

Check out the details of this bizarre incident.


The Incident...

The woman, who is known as ‘Simone', hails from the United Kingdom. In a documentary for BBC, she revealed that her own mother ironed her breasts when she was just 13 years old.


This Is Why Her Mum Did It...

She claimed that her mother did this to her after she found out that she was gay. According to her, she believed that her mother thought that she was attractive because of her breasts and if she could iron them flat, then maybe she could become ugly and no one would admire her.


She Was Made To Wear A Tight Strap

Simone further revealed that she was also made to wear a tight strap around her breasts in order to stop her breasts from growing further.


The Practice Had A Long-term Effect On Her

Simone noticed that the breast ironing ritual that she had undergone at such a tender age had a long-term effect on her. She revealed that she feels like there's a knot inside her breasts and it hurts when she feeds her baby with a man she had married as a result of an arranged marriage.