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Woman Drinks Her Urine Every Day And Claims She Lost Weight!

There are numerous tricks and ways in which people lose weight, and they share their stories online with the world.

While some are tricky, there are those weird tricks that can make you feel disgusted, like in this case, where a woman claims that she lost weight after she started drinking her own urine!

Check out the details of the same.


She Was Obese Initially

Leah Sampson is a 46-year-old life coach who became so obese that she was unable to brush her hair. She used to follow a standard American diet of beef, pork and chicken. She managed to shed the extra weight after she started drinking her pee!

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She Decided To Change Her Lifestyle

Leah realised that she was over-obese and she also suffered from fatigue. Her arms and hands had become numb. There were times when she couldn't even brush her teeth or comb her hair. This lifestyle depressed her so much that she didn't want to live anymore.


She Learnt About The Urine Therapy

She discovered urine therapy. She studied how human urine was used for medicinal or cosmetic purposes and a lot more and hence decided to try it. The procedure in which she takes up this therapy goes like this...

She urinates into glasses and drinks half of it in the morning and the remaining half is saved for the rest of the day.

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She Claims It To Be Healthy

Leah claims that using urine is healthy than what people expect it to be. Hence, as a result, she uses it to clean her teeth and even rinse her eyes. Apart from this, she also follows a strict hunter gatherer-styled diet, that has helped her lose weight by dropping to an impressive nine-and-a-half stone.


After Losing Her Weight, She Has Gained Confidence

After dropping to an impressive nine-and-a-half stone, Leah now claims that she receives compliments on her new figure.

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What Do The Medics Think?

The medical team does not agree with her claim and warns that drinking too much urine can lead to a build-up of toxic waste. This waste can cause kidney failure.

What is your take on this? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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