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This Woman Is Addicted To Sex And Is Not Satisfied Even After A 7-hour Session!

Making love is a pure, intense feeling where two souls connect emotionally. However, what happens when the person becomes an addict and wishes to have sex all day long?

Sounds crazy, right? However, some people suffer from this rare disease where they turn sex addicts and are never satisfied with sex. They end up spending hours making out and the moment they stop, they need more...

Check out the details of the woman who has sex for more than 7 hours every day and needs more...


She Is A Mother Of 3 Kids

Rebecca Barker is a 37-year-old mother of three kids who craves for sex every minute from the time she wakes up. She is not satisfied even after spending seven hours a day having sex.

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She Has Never Felt Satisfied Ever!

Even though she spent seven long hours making love, she would feel less stressed and anxious for a little while, but there was no real satisfaction that she got. Hence, she craved for more and more action as she could only think about doing it again once it was over.


She Met A Psychiatrist

To get rid of her addiction, Rebecca met a psychiatrist for depression. The doctor analysed her condition and prescribed medication after knowing about her sex addiction. She is said to be among four per cent of the population of individuals who are sex addicts of which a quarter are women.

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Doctors Reveal About Her Condition

Psychotherapists revealed that her high sex drive was due to an obsessive-compulsive disorder. She was finally weaned off anti-depressants after her condition was diagnosed and this has also helped in bringing down her addiction to sex as well.

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