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    List Of Best Gemstones To Attract Love

    Do you know that there are certain gemstones that can be really lucky when kept closer to yourself? These stones and crystals are believed to increase the luck rate and certain stones need to be completely avoided.


    Here, in this article, we are revealing the list of gemstones that you need to keep with yourself to improvise on your love life.

    Find out the best gemstone that an individual can use to improve on his/her love life. These gemstones are considered to be lucky in their own way. Find out which gemstone suits you the best!


    Rose Quartz

    This stone is a perfect definition of self-love and acceptance. To make your relationship perfect, all that you need to do is tuck a piece of tumbled rose quartz into each of the four corners of your bedroom to encourage loving relationships in your life.



    This gemstone is associated with romantic love and love of self. Having this stone around you can bring in happiness, integrity and devotion. The stone would help to strengthen both the physical and emotional heart. It also brings in courage to the wearer.

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    This stone holds the protective energy and balances emotions. This is not an expensive stone and hence can be affordable easily. This stone is known to attract love and affection when it is placed under the pillow at night.


    The Lemon Quartz

    This stone is said to lessen the negative patterns. It also helps with communication, and lifts the spirits of the couple, as it spreads positive feelings around.

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    The Malachite

    The beautiful green swirls in this stone are said to help remove the hurtful memories from your mind. This stone works quickly and diligently to clear away the painful heartache, and it also makes way for new love. All that one needs to do is sleep with the stone on their heart chakra or wear the stone as a pendant over their heart.

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    The Rhodochrosite

    The lovely marking that this stone has helps us to unite the different aspects of our personality, so that we can learn to truly love ourselves. Possessing this stone is the only way to bring in true, authentic love into your life. Having this stone closer to you helps you to appreciate yourself and boosts your self-confidence as well.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, January 16, 2018, 19:00 [IST]
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