She Sacrificed Her Life For The Sake Of Society

No matter how many times we tell the world that we live in a place where people are liberal and live in the 21st century, yet there are many cases of rape and marital abuse that people go through on a daily basis.

Here, in this article, we are sharing a real-life story of a girl who gave up her life for the sake of the society. She suffered in silent pain and yet managed to fake about her status with a smile.

Story Of Girl Who Sacrificed Her Life

So, check out on what happened to Neha, who was a studious girl at one point of time in her life.


She Was 23 When She Got Married…

In most of the typical middle-class families, it is often seen that girls are married once they are done with their graduation. This is done especially when there are more than one kids in the family.


The Elder Ones Are The Epitomes Of Sacrifice…

No matter how many of us would disagree to this fact, but it is often seen that the eldest child is said to be one who sacrifices the most.

Their dreams are crushed, as they need to get married at an early age or even to give up on studying to take care of their younger siblings.

There are many unexpected situations that arise and they simply sacrifice their dreams for the sake of their family.


Neha Was One Such Example

Being the eldest kid among the 3 siblings, she got married as per her parents' wish. Little did she know that she was falling in a ditch, which was nothing less than a hell. The man revealed his deepest secret on their wedding night.

My Story: My Entire Married Life Was One Long Rape


He Revealed To Her That He Was A Gay!

Though she was not willing to get married this early, she had agreed to accept her fate, as she was made to feel and act like a responsible eldest kid of the family.

On her wedding night, her world turned upside down when he told her that he had married her for the sake of hiding his real identity from the world (this was because the world did not accept gays, wholeheartedly).


She Thought It Was Her Fate

She continued living with him and realised how abusive he was. She cried her heart out to the four-walled room, as she had to pretend to be happy when she was out of the hell. She wished to break the relationship with him but only one thing stopped her...


She Wanted Her Younger Siblings To Be Happy

Since we all live in a judgemental society, Neha was scared to break this relationship, as she thought her family and younger siblings would suffer the most and people would question her about her past, which would have an impact on her siblings.


She Suffered And Suffered…

Though Neha was regularly beaten blue and black by her husband, she bared it all until both her siblings got married and on one fine day, when she decided to get out of the abusive relationship, the worst thing happened...


She Was Waiting For Years To End It…

She waited for 5 long years to end this relationship, until the day things got worse for her and he apparently hit her with a vase, while he was drunk and, in no time, Neha lost her life with the impact of being hit.


This Is The Society We Live In…

Though Neha could not get to live her life, we bet we know many such women who give up on their lives, for the sake of society and pressure from the relatives, yet nothing is done. We read and forget, but do we take the pain to make a change?

Let us know how you would wish to change this thinking of our so called "Society & Status" in the comment section below.

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    Story first published: Wednesday, January 31, 2018, 21:36 [IST]
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