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Unheard Phobias That Exist!

Watching gushing water can give you nightmares as this can be a phobia that you might be suffering from.

According to science, there are so many phobias around the world that most people are not aware of.

Scary Phobias That Exist

Here, in this article, we reveal to you some of the most unheard phobias that exist in the world.

Learning about them is essential as it will help in understanding the various phobias that exist.

Weird Phobias That People Have!

Check them out.



Selenophobia is a phobia in which an individual has a fear of the moon. It is an irrational feeling of dread of the moon. This phobia is said to intensify when there is a full moon. This phobia can be due to a traumatic experience, especially in early childhood.



This is a phobia in which a person cannot see one's reflection in mirrors. Individuals suffering from this condition are believed to experience undue anxiety even though they realise their fear is irrational; they tend to feel anxious and nervous when they look at their reflections.



This is a condition in which individuals are scared of rains. It is an anxiety disorder seen in kids and adults alike. These individuals are believed to suffer from anxiety or panic attacks at the very sight of rain.



This is a condition in which individuals have a fear of numbers. It is believed that some people may even fear specific numbers. These individuals have a fear of dealing with numbers or mathematics.



This is a condition in which the individuals have an intense and persistent fear of the sea or sea travel. They have a fear of oceans or anything that is deep. This phobia can be defined as the fear of being in large bodies of water or the sea waves, and even the fear of being at a distance from the land.

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This is the fear of being or staying single for a more extended period. These individuals have a fear of remaining unmarried or being married to the wrong person all the time.

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