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She Wore Tampon For More Than 8 Hours And Lost Both Her Legs!

We think that there would be no looking back on things once we become successful. But what happens when your perfect life comes crashing down after you have an unexpected accident?

This is one of the rarest cases where a model lost both her feet after she was diagnosed with TSS - toxic shock syndrome that cost her both her feet.

Check out this bizarre case where the model had to lose her battle to save at least one of the legs in this condition.


She Had Made Headlines In The Year 2012

Lauren Wasser shared her story with the world in 2012. She revealed that she suffered from a case of tampon-related toxic shock syndrome (TSS) that left her initially without her right leg and left toes and after a period she lost her other foot too.

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How She Got Affected

Apparently, Lauren had contracted gangrene when she had forgotten to remove the tampon she had worn the entire day as she was tired and slept with it. The next day she was placed in a medically-induced coma. The doctors revealed to her that her condition was worse as she would need to choose between losing her leg or losing her life. The choice was hers.


Her First Foot Was Removed

When Lauren woke up in the hospital bed, she was 80 pounds heavier than her actual weight as the infection had spread across in her body and it was trying to flush out the excess toxins accumulated in her body. She had to get one of her feet removed, and she tried her level best to save the other.

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She Knew Her Second Foot Would Get Amputated Too

Lauren shared an emotional post on Instagram where she revealed that in the next few months of her first surgery where her right leg was amputated that her pain was inevitably more when she learnt that she would have to get her left leg amputated as well. Apparently, her left foot had an open ulcer, no heel, and no toes left, and due to this, she was in immense pain. She ended the note saying that there is nothing that she can do to save her leg.

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Now She Is Campaigning To Pass A Bill

Soon after getting both her feet amputated, she has become more carefree and models for various agencies and companies. Currently, she is even campaigning the US government to pass a bill called the Robin Danielson Act. This is to make people more aware of her condition and this bill was named after a woman who lost her life to TSS in 1998.

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Story first published: Friday, November 2, 2018, 18:03 [IST]
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