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    Seenappa’s Devotion To Duty Defines His Life!

    By Mahima Daga
    Seenappa The Man Who Cleans The Lake! | Boldsky

    Here is the story of Seenappa Srinivas from Bangalore who is like any other ordinary family man. He is the eldest of the family. Although they don't stay together he is there for his siblings in times of need. He stays with his wife in a rented house and used to work at a rubber factory for 18 years at a meagre income of Rs 3000.

    Although he derived no satisfaction from his work, he was bound to do it because of his family. After a few days, he was called for another job of cleaning a swamp (now Ambalipura lake) which was situated around an apartment. Along with him three other labourers also joined the job but they left the job because of the messy swamp and the poisonous snakes in it.

    Dedicated Lake Cleaner Shares His Story

    But he was determined to stay as he was passionate towards nature, so decided to transform the swamp into a beautiful lake. He started working on that swamp, watering plants, cleaning the area and also cleaning the passage area for people to walk. After working on the swamp for years, he was able to transform the swamp into a beautiful lake. It was very challenging for Seenappa, he worked with honesty and dedication, and God seemed to have kept him safe from the hazardous environment.

    For cleaning and maintaining the Ambalipura lake in Sarjapura, he gets a salary of Rs 14000, out of which Rs 12000 is spent on his house rent and the remaining on his family.

    Today, the lake and its surroundings is a place of happiness where people of all generations come together and spend a quality time. He says "It's a great joy to see people enjoying something that I had single-handedly transformed to, from a treacherous swamp."

    Hence his story serves as an inspiration for other labourers and is truly an example of how hard work and dedication can change one's life. This story also proves that a lotus can even bloom in the mud.

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