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    Real-life Stories: 55-year-old Gangamma Became A Celebrity With A Single Facebook Post

    Gangamma aka “Junior Janaki” Is A Singing Sensation Now! | Boldsky

    There are so many heart-warming stories that you would read and feel good about, especially when you know that a person has had a humble beginning but has succeeded and has been recognised on the basis of their talent.

    Here, we at Boldsky are sharing the real-life stories of some talented people whose amazing stories are hardly exposed to the world.

    Gangamma story

    This piece of writing is dedicated to 'Gangamma', a middle-aged woman who rose to fame with a single video on Facebook that has gone viral.

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    Her life has changed for the best after her singing video went viral on Facebook. Her video on Facebook fetched 5 lakh views in a span of 6 hours!

    Her story is truly an example of how luck can change our lives instantly! Here are some exclusive details about her life, plans, family and future that she shared with Boldsky.

    About Her Family

    Gangamma hails from a small village of Koppal. She belongs to a poor farmer's family where she did her schooling until grade 5. Being brought up in a family with 9 siblings, Gangamma had her share of struggles. Though she is a school-dropout, she can write Hindi and Telugu songs in Kannada and still sing them so well!

    Her Life Has Been A Struggle For The Longest Time

    From losing her 2 siblings to even her dad, Gangamma had been going through tough times. But singing has been helping her sail through her tough and good times.

    Singing Has Always Been Her Passion

    Since the time Gangamma was little she knew that she always wished to be a singer. Her mother, however, was not supportive in the initial days, as she revealed to us about an incident where her mother even hit her and did not feed her for 3 long days.

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    Her Mum Was Scared For Her

    Being a mother and worrying about her daughter staying in a city like Bangalore, scared her about her safety. Since they belonged to a village and staying in a city was a tough choice, she was allowed to perform only at her native, Koppal.

    But Gangamma Was Determined

    Coming from a humble background, her mother was not happy about her decision of becoming a singer. Gangamma did not stop dreaming as she started performing in an orchestra where people loved her voice and encouraged her to sing more.

    From Begging On Streets To Studying At Cambridge

    She Worked Real Hard

    While working as a coolie and doing odd jobs, Gangamma knew how she could manage with singing as well as working. This was when she was discovered by a great man named Shivprasad who knew that her story should be shared with the world and hence decided on creating a platform for people to see her talent.

    One Post Changed Her Life

    One single post of Shivprasad posting her singing video at his studio was the biggest turning point in her life. Her video went viral and in no time it fetched over 5 lakh views in a span of 6 hours. After such a warm response from people, Shivprasad decided to go live on Facebook with her and since then there is no looking back for her.

    She Was Labelled As Junior S. Janaki

    Once people heard her voice, they started comparing her voice to S. Janaki, the famous South Indian singer who is known for her great work.

    For Those Who Do Not Know S. Janaki, Here Are Her Details...

    S. Janaki is a singer who is famous in South India and she has recorded over 48,000 songs in 17 languages that also include those native to India and also languages such as Japanese and German. She had started her career in 1957 and is still going strong.

    When S. Janaki Heard Her Voice

    Ganagamma always wished to make her mark in the singing industry just like S. Janaki as she was her role model. During one of her performances, she got the opportunity to meet her idol who later praised her singing and even told her " I am not the real Janaki, it is you, who is the real Janaki."

    She Has been Getting Offers From The Kannada Industry

    Since the time her videos went viral, there have been many production houses in the Kannada film industry that have offered her movie songs and apart from this fame she has also got awards!

    All It Took Was 15 Days!

    Though Gangamma has been struggling for over 20 years to make her dream of becoming a singer come true, her luck changed with a single post and within 15 days her kitty was all filled as she is seen to be juggling between the busy city of Bengaluru to her village Koppal.

    Her Life Has Changed For Good!

    Finally, after a long struggle of 20 years, her life changed as now she needs to juggle between her busy schedule and her regular life.

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    We from Boldsky wish her luck for her future endeavours! Wish to read such more real-life stories? Then check our section as we bring in more interesting real-life stories.

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