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Have You Heard About This Disgusting Food Museum In Sweden?

The moment we think about food, we think about something delicious and even pleasing to the sight.

But what happens when you see different types of foods which can actually make you feel disgusted? This thought may make you wonder if there is any such food. Here we bring you the details of a museum where disgusting foods are on display.

The Disgusting Food Museum In Sweden displays a number of the world's most disgusting and revolting food items that can kill your hunger instantly.

This is one of the most bizarre exhibitions that you would have heard of. For example, the exhibit consists of a rice wine which is made with baby mice and is considered to be palatable and is also considered to be an expensive delicacy in a few cultures.

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Though this is hard to believe, this museum actually exists and over 80 different dishes from around the world are set on display and when you look at these pictures, we are sure they will leave you with a dead appetite!

Check out the list of the most disgusting food items in a museum in Sweden where tickets come in the form of vomit bags!!


Casu Marzu

This is a Sardinian pecorino cheese that is infested by maggots. Individuals are going to enjoy the bonus of maggots jumping on their face when they literally try to chew on this cheese dish!


Sheep Eyeball Soup!

Sheep Eyeball Soup is believed to be a favourite dish in many parts of Asia, but this exceptional sheep eyeball soup looks pretty creepy and haunting. We wonder who would even dare to drink this soup while the haunting eye is staring back at you!


The Mouse Wine!

This is a unique wine which is made by using the baby mice which are drowned and brewed in rice wine. It is said that the brew matures up to a year before one can start drinking it.


Roasted Guinea Pig

The roasted guinea pig is considered a delicacy of the Andean diet. But the images of the roasted guinea pig will only make you go vegan!

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The Head, Feet And Stomach Of Sheep!

This is one of the most famous dishes in Afghanistan, Iran, Armenia and Iraq. This dish is made using the head, feet and stomach of sheep. It is said that the heads and hooves of the sheep are kept in cold water for a couple of days, and then the meat is boiled overnight to reduce the strong smell.

All Image Courtesy: Disgusting Food Museum

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Story first published: Friday, November 16, 2018, 12:50 [IST]
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