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Weird Things Discovered On Google Earth Pictures

Can you imagine on seeing some of the weirdest things happening around you? Well, all thanks to the internet, we can find out about some of the most weirdest things that Google Earth has discovered.

There are certain bizarre things that have been captured by Google Earth and most of these things do not have any explanation to it.

Weird Things Discovered On Google Earth Pictures

Check out the list and you would be stunned to discover the most bizarre happenings around you!

The Airplane Graveyard

The Airplane Graveyard is officially named as the Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group (AMARG). It is the world's largest airplane boneyard and is located in Tuscon, Arizona. This place holds ground for around 4400 aircrafts that include F-16s, F-4 Phantom IIs, and B-52 Stratofortress bombers.

The Lion Point

This is located in Dunstable in the United Kingdom. This place is a mowed plot of a land which is called 'The Lion Point'. This is a perfect example of how amazing an art one can create with a lawnmower.

The Huge Bunny

This is a massive bunny sculpture which was once visible from space, but according to reports, now it's mostly gone. This huge bunny was located in Italy. It is a 200-foot sculpture that was knitted by a Viennese art collective called Gelitin.

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The Giant Swimming Pool

A giant swimming pool called Badeschiff was found off a river in Berlin, Germany. According to reports, it is accessible to the public for various activities like beach parties, yoga, and stand-up paddling and a lot more activities.

The Desert Pattern

This bizarre-looking desert pattern is called the "Desert Breath." It is a beautiful and mysterious circle which can be found in Egypt. The creators placed 89 matching cones and depressions in the sand and expected it to erode over time in the year 1997.

The Waldo

As part of an art project, Waldo was placed on this undisclosed building. This huge art project can be easily seen from the aeroplane. It is not really difficult to spot this, as it is really huge!

A Massive Crater

Though this might not look big from space, but this massive meteor crater is said to take your breath away when you watch it up and close. According to reports, this crater appeared when a 26,000 mile an hour asteroid collided with Earth 50,000 years ago.

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Nevada Desert Triangle

This is a former bombing test site that was created for the military. Currently, it is considered to be a popular tourist attraction, which is located in the Nevada Desert Triangle.

A Shipwreck

Can you imagine seeing a shipwreck on Google Earth? Well, a shipwreck was found in Basrah, Iraq, on the Arvand Rood River. Currently, it is considered to be a tourist attraction.

Badlands Head

A giant head makes up a portion of the Badlands. The strange bit about this is that no human hands created it. It is called the Badlands Guardian and is stunningly similar to a human.

The Heart-shaped Lake

This is one of the cutest things that you will find on Google Earth! This heart-shaped lake is located right near Cleveland, Ohio. It is said to be a great retreat for any couple on a romantic getaway.

Images Source: Google Earth

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