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    10 Feng Shui Tips For Happy Love Life

    10 Feng Shui Tips For Happy Love Life

    If your love life has been taking a backseat and you have been trying to figure out on how you can improve it, then all you got to do is make slight changes in your house as per Feng Shui and it can definitely help bring in noticeable changes.

    Here, in this article, we bring to you the list of things that can help you improve your love life!

    Feng Shui

    These tips include some of the slightest changes that you need to make in your home and the results will surely help improve your love life.

    Find out how...


    Keep A Romantic Image In Display

    Start with the basics by displaying a current picture of you and your partner doing something fun together! If you are not yet married, then display a romantic image of your boyfriend/girlfriend around and help boost your love life.


    Avoid Clutter

    Ensure that you remove things that can divert your focus from love. Remember that a bedroom should ideally be for rest and romance only! Hence, avoid removing things that can keep you from focusing on love. Avoid the clutter, dirty clothes, or even your pet's litter box from the room!

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    Replace Any Furniture That Is Broken

    All that you need to do is replace any furniture that is broken, stained, torn, or the one that has any unpleasant association with your past relationships. Keeping broken furniture around is said to bring in bad luck.


    Love Area Of Your Bedroom

    The ideal place where you make love should have sweet-smelling candles and a romantic ambiance. Ensure the place smells of sweet fragrance, as it can enhance the mood.


    Place Objects In Pairs

    Keep objects in pairs in your bedroom. Be it candles, hearts, or even a vase with two equal-sized flowers, as it will help you enhance your romance or marriage.

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    Romantic Themes In Bedroom

    Make sure you hang romantic artwork in your bedroom. It can be anything like two flowers, two chairs facing the sunset, or even a graphic of a couple sipping coffee together!


    Seating For Two Is A Must!

    In your bedroom, add seating for 2 and make sure you sit on the chairs and talk together or read instead of watching TV before going to sleep. This helps you bond well with your partner.


    Avoid Work-Related Items From Your Bedroom

    This is a big no-no! You need to make sure that you do not have any work-related items kept in your bedroom. Be it even your laptop, it should not be kept in the place of romance.

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    Take Off The Extra Pillows

    Remove the extra pillows and stuffed animals from your bed before you head to bed. This gives in a lot of space to spend some great time with your partner, without having any obstacles.


    Place A Pair Of Night Tables

    Place a pair of night tables in your bedroom, which is said to encourage equality in your relationship. It gives the required space and the need to keep things tidy. It is used to avoid any fights regarding the clutter around.

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    Story first published: Friday, February 16, 2018, 13:41 [IST]
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