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Find Out What Kinda Chai Personality You Have

Being a chai lover and finding out the best way in which you can define your personality seems to be pretty impressive.

Here, in this article, we are revealing the different flavours of chai and the type of personality individuals have based on their favourite cup of chai.


So, if you are a chai lover, then go ahead and check to find out about the different personalities of people who love different flavours of chai.

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Original Chai

If this is your choice of chai, then you are a person whose loved ones know no limit. As an individual, you are selfless in sharing your love for chai with others. You have a laid-back attitude, and you do not like to boast about your relationship on the social media.

Green Chai

If green tea is your cup of choice, then you are a person with positive vibes. As a person you are cheerful and often like to stay away from anything harmful. You are also an enthusiastic fitness individual. The only way you relax or feel alive is when you sip on green tea after a workout or a yoga session.


Blue Chai

Though many are not aware of this tea, it is slowly gaining popularity. If this is your favourite chai, then you are a person who is extremely conscious of your looks. You seem to take pride in your vanity. Even a slight scar on your body will instantly bring down your confidence level. In short, you are a person who leaves no stone unturned to look and stay young forever.

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Spiced Chai

Spiced chai or masala chai is the favourite of individuals who are extrovert and entertainers. These individuals love to add the masala to a party. It is no surprise to see them acting like drama queens and reacting on little things. On the other hand, there is never a dull moment with them as they love to spice things up.

Peppermint Chai

Individuals who love this unique chai are said to be suave, classy and chilled out. These individuals are zoned out in their own world. They do not seem to care about what's happening around them. On the other hand, no matter, how stressed they are, they tend to remain calm and poised. They are immune to anxiety.

A Little Sweet Chai

If you are the person who loves a little sweet chai, then you are somebody who likes to have things go perfectly. You are a mediator, who often brings two sides to a compromise. You're never reluctant to compromise.

Sugar-free Chai

If you love sugar-free chai, then you are a person who feels like your destiny is out of your hands. Be that as it may, you go with the flow and have no issue saying, "Expedite it, universe." Whether you've discovered the affection for your life or are as yet seeking, check your stars because there's an immaculate fit only for you.

Black Chai

Hyperactive and being always on the move like an energised individual is something that defines the personality of people who love black tea. These individuals never stand still. They are often seen being occupied with something or the other. These individuals are curious by nature.

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So, what is your type of chai? Let us know in the comment section below.

Story first published: Saturday, August 18, 2018, 15:45 [IST]
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