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‘Lion-faced’ Man's Transformation After Life-changing Surgery

Suffering from an unknown condition can be quite painful, especially when the doctors are clueless about your condition.

Here is one such example of a person who suffers from a rare condition that left him with a lion-face for over two decades before he was operated on.

Check out the details of the transformation of the 'lion-faced' man and how he looks after his surgery.


He Hails From India

Suresh hails from a village in Tamil Nadu, and he had developed the lion-face syndrome when he was just 18 years old. He is at peace now after he has been given a new lease on life by a plastic surgeon who rebuilt his face.

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His Condition

The doctor explained that he was suffering from a medical condition named ‘fibrous dysplasia'. It is a condition where the normal bone gets replaced with the connective tissues. Doctors further revealed that the lion face syndrome when left untreated, can even encroach the eyes, mouth and nose and it can also kill the person.


His Face Swelled

His condition had caused his face to swell to an abnormal size. The doctors reveal that such a syndrome could lead to loss of senses and eventually death. He had been living with his condition for over twenty years, as doctors were unable to treat him as they could not understand his condition.

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He Got Treated After 20 Years

Finally, after 20 years of disappointment, Suresh has undergone a surgery to modify the large bones on his face that gave him the look of a lion. The doctors had to chip his bones and reconstruct his face.

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His Transformation Has Been A Great Success

Suresh's life-changing operation is now considered a milestone achievement in the field of plastic surgery. It's a transformation like none other and is supposed to be a great success.

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