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    OMG! 14 Worms Were Removed From This Woman’s Left Eye!

    What happens when your eyes itch and you decide to rub it hard? The only thing you can think about during this time is how to get some relief. However, what happens when you rub your eye and feel something unusual and when you try to pull it out, what if it is a worm?

    Sounds crazy, right? However, this is precisely what happened to Abby Beckley who had 14 worms in her left eye!

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    Check out this bizarre incident and the factors that caused the worms to live in her eye...


    She Had An Itchy Eye For A While

    According to reports, Abby Beckley felt a prick under her eyelid, and she assumed it to be a stray lash. She visited the doctor when she realised that she was pulling out worms from her eyes!


    She Discovered She Was Removing Worms From Her Eyes

    She revealed that she accidentally discovered that she had worms in her eyes while she was rubbing her eye. She added: "I put my fingers in there in kind of a picking motion and I pulled out a worm, I looked at my finger, and it was moving, and I was shocked."

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    Her Condition Only Got Worse

    Over a period, since she was not sure of the foreign object to be a worm, she ignored the condition and had pulled out about six more of the tiny worms over the next few days. She decided to visit the doctor only when it got painful, and the discovery of the worms was becoming a standard issue.


    The Doctors Examined Her Condition

    It was diagnosed that she had worms in her eye and these worms were Thelazia gulosa, which is a parasite that is typically found in cow eyeballs.


    It Took 20 Days To Remove All The Worms

    The doctors revealed that all the worms could not be pulled out in a single shot as they had to wait until they showed up and were visible before pulling them out. The worms that were pulled out were less than half-inch long in size.


    It Was Caused By

    Medics believe that Beckley was infected when a fly had landed on her eye while she was travelling through cattle fields. It is also reported that this is the 11th case of a human being infected in the USA.

    Whatever may be the reason, the thought of having worms in your eyes can leave us to feel creepy.

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    Story first published: Monday, September 3, 2018, 18:45 [IST]
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