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    Astonishing Girl Who Can Read Blindfolded After Activating Her Third Eye

    We all wish to have super powers and what if we were blessed with any of it? Sounds interesting, right? There are many ways as to how one can fool others about their super natural powers by just tricking the other person.

    But do you know that there is a little girl out there who has superpowers and she calls herself as Ma Yogamaatha? She claims to read while she is blind-folded and when you witness the video of her superpowers, you would be shocked as we are too!

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    Here are some of the details of Ma Yogamaatha, the little girl who is stunning the world with her special talent of reading anything while being blind-folded.


    Who Is Ma Yogamaatha?

    She is a 9-year-old girl from North Carolina. Apparently, she is tagged as the girl with a third eye, as she can sense and act even when she is blind-folded! Yogamaatha says that this power is a learned ability.

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    How Is This Possible That She Can Read?

    Her unique talent of reading stuff while being blind-folded is attained after Yogamaatha attended a course at Gurukul in India. The course was initiated by Guru Nityananda.


    Her Talent Includes…

    Initially, it was believed that this was a trick to fool the audience, but as she revealed her powers, people were stunned to see that she can read, play games, draw, etc., while being blind-folded! Apart from this, she even stated that she can also ride a bicycle through traffic and dodge cars!!


    In One Of Her Seminar's She Even…

    In one of her public performances, she not only read books while being blindfolded, but also played tic-tac and even mimicked the arrangement of plastic dough nuts! Her mum claims that her daughter is a more positive and confident person after she has learnt the tactics of reading books while being blind-folded.


    Is This Talent For Real Or Fake?

    Though the various videos of the little girl displaying her talent are going viral, it raises many questions on the minds of the readers of this news being real or fake, which still is debatable.


    Our Opinion

    We wonder if this is real talent or just a way of tricking people and earn money, as there are no much real details of the little girl who is known by her pseudo-name and no details about her family are revealed as well.

    Anyhow, Do Watch The Unbelievable Video And Do Decide For Yourself

    Also, let us know what would you do if you were able to read while being blind-folded?.

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