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List Of Crazy Superstitious Beliefs In India

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There have been many beliefs that we all have been following as little kids, since our childhood. When we grew up, we realised that most of them were just superstitious in nature. Yet we do see people follow it religiously even to this day.

In this article, we are here to share the list of crazy superstitious beliefs that people have been following in India.

Superstition is nothing but a belief or a way of behaving and following certain rituals due to fear. Generally, these superstitions are baseless and have a totally different meaning added to them.

Blindly following the superstitions and teaching others about it, without knowing the actual cause for it to be created, is nothing but sheer stupidity. Knowing the actual reason will surely stun you and make you realise that you have been fooled all these years.

Read on to know more about this crazy list of superstitious beliefs that we all have been following over some point of time or the other.


Cutting Hair On Tuesdays

Back then, people had an off on Mondays and most of them used to get a haircut done then. Since there were no customers on Tuesdays, saloons would be closed on Tuesdays. The practice still continues even to this day, when the holiday has shifted to Sunday; however, people still misinterpret it.


Opening Umbrella Inside The House

Generally, opening umbrella in a closed space will only cause damage to the things around. This was the only reason why it was banned to open an umbrella inside the house. This is one of the craziest superstitions that people still believe in.


Lemon And Green Chillies

The first thing that you would see people hang in their vehicles or at the entrance of their house is a lemon and chillies tied to it with a piercing cotton thread. Scientifically, it is proved that when the cotton thread absorbs the pungent smell, it acts as a pesticide to keep mosquitoes and insects away. Remember that this does not ward off any evil spirit, as it is only a myth.


Breaking Mirrors Would Get Bad Luck

In ancient days, mirrors were not cheap, even if it was of a low quality. To avoid negligence, people used this trick of fooling certain others that breaking a mirror can get bad luck for seven years.


No Cutting Nails After Sunset

Cutting nails or hair after sunset back then was a big task, as it could result in cuts and bruises due to the darkness. This is one of the reasons why people were trained not to do this activity after sunset. With the current era, do you think people should actually still believe in this?


Pregnant Women Are Not Allowed To Go Out During Eclipse

There are various restrictions, when it comes to a pregnant woman going out during an eclipse. They are not allowed to cut veggies or go out during this time. But the actual reason is that the UV rays can harm the foetus and cause deformities.


Sweeping The House In The Evening Is A Big No!

With poor lighting in those days, people would end up throwing away their ornaments and jewellery that may have fallen down unknowingly. This is the only reason why people believed that sweeping the house in the evening is a bad omen.

These are few of the common superstitious beliefs that people still follow even today. With our explanation, you can now judge if you really believe in them or were you tricked into believing them all these years.

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