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Ever Wondered Why Women Are Banned From Attending A Funeral?

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When there is a funeral, we often see that women do not go to the cremation grounds. Have you ever wondered why?

As little kids, we would have often questioned our parents about it, and the answer would be that due to few religious beliefs women are not allowed to attend a funeral.

But, one should understand that it is all a myth.

In this article today, we are here to share some of the reasons as to why women were not allowed to go to the crematorium or burial grounds. Read on and understand the facts.

When a couple had a single kid who was a girl, she had all the rights to light the pyre. But, when she is eligible, we wonder why the rest were shunned from even entering the premises!

In earlier days, women were considered to be given certain responsibilities only and men took care of various other duties. Over a period of time none realised that it became a practise to keep women away from these grounds.

Here are the reasons for it.


Cleaning The House

In ancient days, women were suppose to take care of the house when the body was taken for funeral. While the men took care of the body and finished off the cremation process., women were considered to keep the food ready for the men who returned back.


To Avoid Scary Scenes

When a pyre was lite, it would be a nasty scene to see the body being burnt. There have been instances where the body sat upright straight while being burnt and the people around hitting it hard and keeping stones on it to avoid such scary scenes. For sure, it is a scary nightmare to see a family member burn!


Disturbed Image

Women are considered to be having fragile hearts. During Hindu mythology, the body needed to be burnt completely. This used to take even two days. Women had to take care of the little kids and feed them, and also the bad stink eliminated from the burning flesh could make things only ugly.


Ghost Effect

It was assumed that women would be possessed by evil spirits, if they entered these cremation grounds, especially the virgins, as they are considered pure, whereas the married women could enter. However, one still reckons does this myth really work?


Shaving Head

It was assumed that hair can be a reason for evil spirits to eye the women. And it was not a great scene to see a woman with bald head. This is one of the reasons why women were not allowed inside graveyards and cremation grounds. If they were willing to shave their heads, guess they would be allowed to enter this deadly place.


Ritual Belief

There are beliefs in the Hindu mythology, which state that tears are considered as pollutants during the last rights of the deceased, and a woman shedding tears while bidding adieu to her loved ones might not give peace to the dead person.


Wait Until The Final Burst

Hindus also believe that unless they hear the head burst and crack, the pyre should be kept lit. This can take hours together and it is a tough scene for a woman to witness all this. This is one of the reasons why women are not allowed to attend a funeral.

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