People Worship Royal Enfield Bike At This Place!

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There are many incredible things that happen only in India. Some of these will stun you, while a few make you giggle and realise that these things can happen only in India!

One such case is of a Royal Enfield bike being worshipped in a small town in Rajasthan! Yeah, you read that right!

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The Bullet is a biker's favourite and teens dream to own one, and it has always been one of the posh bikes from decades.

So, check out the story of this Royal Enfield bike that is worshipped in a temple, in India.


Where Is This Place?

This temple is situated in Pali, Jodhpur. Here, devotees numbering hundreds turn up each day to pray for a safe journey and reportedly make an offering of liquor to a 350cc Royal Enfield bike!


History Of The Temple

It all started in the year 1991 when a person named "Om Singh Rathore alias Om Banna" was killed in an accident while driving his Bullet motorcycle. He was apparently the son of a village leader.

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The Bike Was Seized By Police But…

Apparently, it is said that the motorcycle was seized by the local police, and it was taken to the police station. However, to everyone's surprise, the bike was found again on the same accident spot the next day!


The Magic Happened Again!

The police again took the bike to the police station the next day when they found it and chained it heavily. But all their efforts were in vain, as the bike was seen again on the same spot the next morning for over the next 6 months!


The Rest Is History...

Since then rest is history, as the bike became the idol at this temple, and Om Banna became popularly known as the Bullet Baba. People offer beer at this temple while they cross the Pali-Jodhpur highway. And as a mark of respect, they do not honk in the vicinity!

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