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Bizarre Practice Where People In China Ate Corpses Dipped In Honey!!

Chinese people are known for their weird appetite. From eating worms to relishing the crunchy bugs - they love it all. Food comes in any form for them.

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But do you know that Chinese people ate corpses that were dipped in honey! Sounds disgusting, right? But this is a fact that existed a few centuries back, when people consumed corpses dipped in honey for various health reasons.

So, check out these bizarre reasons on why people ate corpses that were dipped in honey for centuries...


Cannibalism Had A Different Reason Here…

According to the Chinese, cannibalism came in the form of eating mellified flesh for medicinal purposes. This was done with the elderly people who where on the verge of dying. The elders were asked to donate their bodies for scientific experiments.


The Idea Striked From An Arabic Recipe

The idea of mummifying the dead corpses popped up from an Arabic recipe, in which the scientists would turn dead bodies into medicine that would be relished by their descendants to alleviate ailments like broken bones.


The Process Of Mellification Started While The Person Was Alive!

The most bizarre part of mellification was that the process started while the person was still alive! The person had to give up on eating anything else apart from honey. This would speed up the death time, as the person became malnourished and would die early.


The Mellification Process…

Once the person died, the dead body was stored in a stone coffin that was filled with honey and the body was saved in it. Then, nature would be left to take its course. The coffin would be closed for almost a century.


The Honey Stores The Body

Since honey has preservative properties, it keeps the body intact and acts like an effective preservative. With the passing of years, the body would become a sugary glob, and the honey would become a sort of a confection!


It Was Used To Cure Ailments

Once the body was removed after a century, it would then be sold in the markets for high prices. It was used in the treatment of wounds and bone fractures. The bits of corpse dipped in honey would also be consumed orally, as a treatment for internal ailments!

We're glad however that this practice does not exist anymore! What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Story first published: Tuesday, November 14, 2017, 18:30 [IST]
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