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Case Of 26 Cockroaches That Were Breeding In A Man's Ear

A human body cannot tolerate any foreign object inside it. Be it a prick or a nail, the body tremors with pain and rejection.

With such sensitivity, can you imagine of having any insect dwelling in any of the body parts? It sounds creepy, but there are several such cases that have been reported of insects found in human bodies.

A recent bizarre case was reported in China, where doctors found 26 live cockroaches alive in a man's ear!

Strange Extra Body Parts That Were Found In Humans

Check out the bizarre case...


The Man Complained Of Ear Ache…

The unnamed man had been complaining of ear pain for a while, until he decided to pay a visit to the doctor, as he had a constant wiggling feeling in his ear. The pain had left him with little sensation to hear sounds.

Horrifying Things Found In Humans


When Examined…

When the doctors examined, they found something looking back at them. They instantly had to take an action, as they assumed an insect to be resting in his ear. He was examined and the doctors got a shock of their lives when they discovered a cockroach family dwelling in his ear.


He Was Immediately Operated…

The unnamed man was given anesthesia and the doctors started pulling out the cockroaches one by one from his ear. The total number at the end of the surgery was 26 cockroaches! The worst thing about this case was that all the 26 cockroaches were alive and active!


It Was A Female Cockroach That Had Done The Damage

The doctors revealed that they found 0.3-inch-long cockroach which had got inside the man's ear and had laid the egg. The warm temperature of the ear was perfect for the egg to hatch and hence all the young ones were alive.


A Little More About The Cockroaches...

According to the studies, a female cockroach is said to carry a capsule that contains around 40 eggs, which develop into adults in a span of three to four months' time. The man was lucky enough that he did not wait for so long!


The Doctors Revealed…

After the surgery, the doctors revealed that if the man had not come to the hospital at the right time, his ear would have probably been "destroyed".

What do you think is the most bizarre thing found in humans? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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