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Heard About The 5 Types Of Cosmic Connections?

We meet several people in our lives, there are those who stay with us and are by our side through thick and thin and then those who teach us some rude facts of life!

Heard About The 5 Types Of Cosmic Connections?

Have you ever wondered why we meet certain people? Well, this is because of the cosmic connection that we share with the person. As per this theory, there is always a reason behind why we meet certain people in life.

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Apparently, there are 5 different types of cosmic connections that people generally have in their lifespan.

So, find out below about these cosmic connections.

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The Ones Meant To Awaken Us

There are some people who come into our lives and bring a lot of changes with them. When they are directly or indirectly connected to us, their presence can make us realise that we cannot move forward in life unless we decide to make some changes to it.
These people will awaken your latent potential that would've remained undiscovered, if they remain with you for life.

Those Who Remind Us

These are the people who come into our lives only to remind us of our goals. The main reason as to why the Universe throws such people at us is so that it can help us remain focused on our path in life. They basically remind us of who we are and what we truly want.

Those Who Help Us Grow

These are the guys who help us grow as a person. These people tempt us in order for us to grow. They accompany us and guide us on our journey through life. Even though they may hurt us at times, or take us on a challenging adventure, they eventually show us the way when we lose it. They help us learn things we couldn't possibly learn on our own.

Those That Hold Space For Us

Some people in our lives are connected to us for a short and insignificant time that we probably don't even remember them later. These are the guys whom we meet on the subway or on the streets and we build no kind of connection with them. Their purpose in our life is to just hold space for us.

Those People Who Stay With Us

Few people will make sure they stick with us forever. They are rare and are difficult to find, but they are the most valuable people to us. They are none other than our close friends, our family members, and the individuals of our own soul group, and perhaps even our soul mates. These guys are your partners who mostly pursue the same interest as you, or at least a similar mission as yours.

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