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    When An 8-cm Glass Was Found In A Man's Rear!

    Experimenting during lovemaking sessions is not a bad idea unless you are caught in an awkward emergency position where you end up with external assistance needed!

    This is what happened to a man in China when he was rushed to a hospital after he lodged an 8-cm glass cup into his rear!

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    Check out on what exactly happened in this case.


    His Identity Is Hidden…

    The 33-year-old man who was rushed to the hospital is said to be a father of kids and a husband. He rushed to a hospital at 2 AM in the morning when he could not bear the pain. His identity is not revealed to protect him from embarrassment.


    It Was Stuck Since 2 Days!

    The poor man has been suffering in pain since 2 days before he rushed to the hospital with unbearable pain. He revealed to the doctors that he tried everything to remove the glass, but failed and his rear was swelling up due to the stress on the body part.

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    The Doctors Were Confused…

    When the doctors examined the man, they were shocked to see the entire glass cup being lodged in his anus, as it had not broken. The case was complicated, as a slight breaking of the glass could cause a life-threatening harm to the man.


    He Had To Be Operated…

    The doctors tried to sedate his rear by giving him anaesthesia, but were not confident on pulling out the glass, as it was very slippery. Hence, they performed a surgery and removed the glass from his rear!

    He is currently recovering from the embarrassing situation and yet does not wish to share the details as to how the glass got lodged there in the first place!

    What do you think could have happened? Do share your thoughts on the same in the comment section below.

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