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Have You Done All Of These Things For Diwali?

With Diwali celebrations almost started, there are certain things that you need to not miss out on doing and hence, we here at Boldsky bring to you a checklist of things to do during the Diwali season.

These are certain vaastu tips that will bring in good luck and prosperity in the house and family. So, check out on the list and find out if you have missed out on completing any of these significant vaastu tips!

Read on to find out.


The House Should Be Clutter Free…

Though this is the first thing that a person does before Diwali, one should ensure that you de-clutter your house. A neat house is set to please the Goddess Lakshmi when she will come visiting your house. Apart from this, one needs to ensure that not even one corner of your house is left in the dark on the day of Diwali. Do light up all your spaces.


Hanging Swastika On The Main Door!

The symbol of Swastika is considered to be holy. It is believed to be pure and holy, so hanging a Swastika on your main door will bring you good luck and it is said to bring in a good cheer all year around and not just during the Diwali time.


Idol Positioning

According to Vaastu, it is believed that the Lakshmi Pooja should be conducted in the Northern part of the house, as it brings in wealth. While the person is doing the pooja, he needs to ensure that the Ganesha idol is kept on the left side while the Lakhmi idol is on the right.


Spraying Of Salt Water

Ensure that you mix some salt in water and regularly spray it across the house. Ensure to do this, especially on the day of Diwali. The salt is said to absorb all the negativity from the air and it is also believed to purify the environment.


A Rangoli

This is something that every individual house does during Diwali. But one needs to ensure that you choose vibrant colours such as green, blue and pink and stay away from dark colours such as greys and blacks. Do make sure that you draw your rangoli at the entry gate to invite prosperity.


Keep Your Front Door Open

During Diwali, ensure that your main door is kept open, during this auspicious time. It is a sign that you wish to welcome Lakshmi into the house. During nights, since the doors cannot be left open, make sure you leave at least one window open to welcome Maa Lakshmi.


Get A Fountain Home

It is believed that running water is very good for the house, as it absorbs all the negative energy from the house. To get the positivity around you, ensure you invest in a small water fountain and place it in the north-east direction of the house.


Offer Dhoop To The Gods!

Lighting a dhoop not only makes your house smell good, it also helps to promote the positivity in the house. Ensure that you light a sandal dhoop during this Diwali season to make your house positive and full of cheer.

So have you missed out on doing any of these things? Then, do share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Story first published: Tuesday, October 17, 2017, 15:55 [IST]
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