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These Twin Babies Had The Worst News For Their Dad

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This case is one of the worst nightmares that a father could get. A pair of twins were born and there was no boundary to the happiness of the couple. But something was wrong about the twins, as they did not look the same!

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This is the story of a father who got a rude shock of his life when he did a DNA test of his twins to check if they were really twins or had they been swapped by the hospital authorities!

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Check out on what happened to this father...


Dad Was Not Sure If The Kids Were Even Twins Or Not!

When friends and family kept insisting that the twins did not look similar, the dad thought there would be some confusion at the hospital and so he came up with an idea to sort this issue once and for all!


He Planned For A DNA Test

He opted for a DNA test to clear out the mess right away! The test was done on both the twins and a new shock was in store for the poor dad!


It Was A Rude Shock In Store For Him!

The reports revealed that the twins had different fathers! Hell, yeah! You read that right. If that made you think the twins were completely different, then the worst shock for the dad was that the mother's DNA matched to both of them!


The Fact Was Hidden From The Other Father About His Kid!

The other man was totally unaware of the kid, but the father who had got the tests done filed for divorce from his wife!

Guess she deserved it!


Another Example Of Such A Rare Occurrence

Here's another example to show a similar case such as this, where non-identical twins were born to a woman sharing the DNA of two different fathers!

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