Survey: Average Penis Sizes From Around The World

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Penis size is something that a man always feels insecure about when compared to other men. They are constantly insecure about the size, but to give them a clear picture of what the average size of a penis is in the world, a survey was conducted.

Check out on the different sizes of penis that men have across different countries. An extensive study had been carried out to determine about the country that has both the biggest and smallest penises.

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A Target Map published a graphic showing the differing lengths of a male's manhood across the globe and the results are shocking, as there are many theories that people have been believing about their size being their biggest, while it was just a myth!

Here's what the data reveals, take a look.


The Survey Revealed...

The countries that are marked in red have men with the largest penis size, while the orange is considered to be the second largest, the yellow marking sits in the middle of the pack, while the light green marking is considered to be the second smallest and the green is considered to be the smallest. Western African countries such as Ghana, Gabon and the Congo rule the list with an average in excess size of 16 centimetres!


The Average Penis Sizes...

According to the survey, India, Thailand and South Korea fall at the bottom, with an average size between 9.3 and 10.5 centimetres. While Australia stuns the world by making a mark in the second-biggest group with an average penis size that is greater than 14.7 centimetres. Mexico, Norway, Italy and Sweden fall in the same category.


The USA And The UK Survey...

The United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom, all sit in the middle of the pack of the survey, where the typical penis sizes ranges between 12.9 and 14.7 centimetres. Apart from this, the Russians are said to have an average size between 10.5 and 12.9 centimetres. Japan, Indonesia and Brazil fall in the same category too.


According To The Map…

According to the survey map, countries from South East Asia such as India and Sri Lanka have recorded to have the smallest average penis sizes.


While Countries Like…

While countries that are marked in orange, such as Italy, are said to be in the second-largest group, while the UK, France and Germany sat in the middle of the pack.

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A Better Clarity Of Different Sizes…

This map reveals the ideal size of penis in different countries along with the sizes marked in inches separately.

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