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Strangest Ways People Have Died!

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There is no escaping from death, and it can happen or strike at any given point of time. These cases of people dying in the strangest way only goes to show how death can come in at any time.

Listed here are some of the most strangest ways how people have died. The reasons for their death will shock you, as it was totally unexpected.

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While some of these deaths have been sudden, there's one such bizarre case of a man who committed suicide. The way in which his body was separated after death will leave you in utter shock once you read about this case!

Check them out to believe it yourself!


A Man Died Of Transplanted Kidney

A man named Vincent Liew had undergone kidney transplant from a woman who was suffering from uterine cancer. Unfortunately, the doctors did not know about it until the operation was successful. After a thorough checkup was done, they found the kidney was healthy; however, they had been negligent in knowing about the cancerous uterus that the woman had. This led the man also to develop cancer and due to which he died.


Wine Enema Death!

There have been many cases of wine enema deaths happening around the world. This is due to the alcoholic poisoning. This case is a little different, as the guy penetrated the device he was using into his colon, which led to his sudden death.


Due To Excessive Iron

A 50-year-old man died on his couch after suffering from an illness, from the previous 3-4 days. The man suffered from a rare condition of 'hemochromatosis'. In this condition, the body absorbs iron in abundant quantity while eating food; and the iron had damaged his liver. He had also developed varicose veins in his oesophagus and the veins ruptured on a fine day and he died.


Ghastly Hanging!

The sight of witnessing a suicide scene can be horrific, but imagine if a man has committed suicide by hanging himself from the balcony! For some weird reason, this man's head was dismembered from his body, and it had fallen in a neighbour's house, while the rest of his body had fallen on the ground below. The cops had to run around to check for the head of the man!!


Consequences Of Dying In Front Of A Pet

When pets are left alone with their dead owners, it takes just 45 minutes for them to start eating their owners. But this unfortunate lady who was bedridden for days was eaten alive by her pet bulldog when he was left alone with her!


The Gunshot Death

A man survived with 3 gunshots for over 30 years! But a mistake from the medic side where the a small piece of bullet was left inside his chest, found its way to the circularly system after 30 years and it caused him a heart attack!

If you have any such incident that can be shared, then do share it with us in the comment section below.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 25, 2017, 23:04 [IST]
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