Real-life Stories: The Day My Father-in-law Saved My Wedding

Getting married for the sake of society comes with its own pros and cons. There are so many things that a woman gives up on and adjusts with her new family.

From making changes in their environment and adjusting with their new found family, women realise they are all grown up suddenly with this new tag of being married.

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They need to be careful with everything that they share and react to, as there are people who can judge them based on their acts...

Well, this is a story of a young girl Naina who was just 24 years old when she got married and in 3 months of her wedding, she was in a position where an act from her father-in-law saved her life forever.


She Had Just Graduated…

Naina was just 24 years old who had just completed her studies and got married, as her parents did not wish to waste time and they assumed she was getting old! Her wedding to Vikas was a pure arranged marriage.


She Took Time…

She was a free bird all these years and when she realised that she had no option to take her own decisions after wedding, she felt caged. She was a girl who was a free bird in every aspect. She was sad, yet accepted her state, as she thought she needed to adjust according to the society's norms.


When She Met Her Friend…

On a fine day after shopping, Naina took a shared car pool to only realise that she was sharing the cab with her college best friend Tina. It took no time for both women to start gossiping about their new life experience of being married.


She Spoke Her Heart Out…

The women were so engrossed in discussing about the problems about their marital status that they did not care about the other passengers in the cab. Naina took no time to share her newly wedded experience, where she mentioned of her MIL being a trouble maker and her FIL being a bossy man, while her dear hubby being a total mumma's boy.


She Poured Her Heart Out…

She discussed on how she was not allowed to watch TV as her father-in-law loved handling the remote and she never got a chance to cook her favourite dish and her MIL had issues with her food preferences.


Her Friend Was Shocked…

Tina expressed on how she always adored about Naina's carefree attitude and now how she has drastically changed for the sake of her marriage, for which Naina said that she loved and respected her in laws just the way she loved her family, and about the complaints, she revealed that each family has its own set of problems and adjustment issues. All that you need to do is go ahead with the flow and not cause any trouble.


Her Stop Arrived…

She did not realise when her stop came by, as she was so engrossed in the discussion with her friend. She got down and took her purse to pay the driver when she heard a man's voice who told her that she did not have to pay.


She Looked At The Man In Shock…

It was her father-in-law who was sitting in the front seat and he heard her entire gossip session and yet did not utter a word, while Naina did speak a few ill words about her in laws. There was silence around and they walked home and Naina was scared of him revealing about her thoughts to his family.


He Let Her Watch TV That Night…

During the night while Naina was in an awkward state, her father-in-law handed her the remote and asked her to watch her favourite serial. She was confused and kept wondering when he would reveal it to their family.


She Feared To Save Her Life…

All that she wanted was to save her wedding life and apologized to her father-in-law for disclosing everything about her married life to her friend. He did not discuss about what had happened in the cab to any family member for 10 long years, after which he passed away.

This is a true incident that happened to a woman (name withheld). She has still not revealed about this experience with her husband or the 2 kids that she is blessed with. She chose to be anonymous and wished to share her story with the world.

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    Story first published: Friday, October 27, 2017, 10:39 [IST]
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