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    Real-life Story: She Killed Her Ex-Husband In Order To Save Her Family

    By Shibu Purushothaman

    With numerous murder and rape cases taking place around the country, another chilling story which is recently circulating around the internet is that of a Tamil Nadu woman who killed her ex-husband in order to save her family.

    Woman Killed Ex-Husband To Save Family

    49-year-old Usha Rani, who works as an investment consultant with a bank in Madurai, had murdered her ex-husband five years ago. The spine-chilling incident happened on 9th February, 2012, when a mother of four, Usha picked up a cricket bat and chocked his ex-husband to death.


    Forced Marriage

    According to the reports, it is said that Usha was forced into a marriage when she was just 18 years old. Usha's parents decided to marry her off into a family who they knew for many years.

    Usha's family helped her husband to stand on his own feet. Usha was born into a family which took pride in treating sons and daughters as equal. She studied till the 12th standard and roamed around with her brothers in the cycle and played Kabaddi.


    About Her Ex-husband

    When it comes to his education, Jothibasu studied up to the 8th standard and was dropped out because he was the only son to take care of his family.

    However, when it came to Usha's in-laws, they had some other plans in store. Initially, they made her father take a loan from the bank, so that he could start his own business.

    They soon started an appalam manufacturing business, but Jothibasu was not much interested. Usha also handled this business from home but it wasn't enough for the family.

    Now, Usha's in-laws wanted one of their daughters to get married to Usha's younger brother. At that time, Usha's first brother had a bank job while the second was doing his MPhil.


    Torture To Usha

    Rejection from Usha's family became an opportunity for the family to torture her. Usha who was blessed with four kids was tortured by the in-laws because they thought that she is poisoning her brother's mind.

    They would beat and abuse Usha on a regular basis. She recollects some of the dark memories from her past life.


    She Educated Her Four Children

    Usha single-handedly managed the Usha Rani Cottage industry. But still, she was tortured and beaten up daily on dowry demands.

    When her daughter became 14 years old, her in-laws wanted the teen to stop studying and get married to a man who worked at a mutton shop.

    The in-laws thought that if the girl studied any further, she would refuse to get married. However, Usha took help from her daughter's headmaster who promised to help her continue her studies.


    When They Broke Her Legs

    When her in-laws came to know about this move, they thrashed her and broke her legs. They broke her legs, so that she could not move.

    When Usha's two-year-old son tried to stop them, they threw him as well. They literally thrashed him against the wall. When neighbours heard Usha's howl, they came and took her to the hospital.

    When the police came, the two-year-old son of Usha narrated the complete incident. Later, a case was filed against the in-laws on the charges of dowry harassment and assault.


    Independent Usha

    Following this incident, Usha went back to her parent's home and the entire family supported her decision. Her brothers encouraged Usha and said that she is educated and she should learn to earn her own living.

    She filed a dowry case and demanded back her jewellery and money which she paid as dowry. She later bagged her first job at a cash counter in a government hospital in Madurai.

    Soon in a few months' time, she was posted as an administrator of the admission office at the Tamil Nadu Open University in 2007. She was happy with it!


    Wait...It Is Not Over Yet...

    Although Usha and Jothibasu were legally divorced, drama did not stop here. The business started collapsing after Usha left him.

    Jothibasu later started following Usha wherever she went and would create a ruckus. Not only this, but he told everyone that she is having an affair with one of the supervisors in the institution.

    After a few years, Jothibasu came and fell into Usha's feet for forgiveness. He was very ill and said that he could not survive without Usha.

    Usha's children said that she should give him a second chance. Usha agreed that he can stay with them as a father but he can never be her husband again. Later, he soon started forcing Usha to withdraw the case against his parents.


    Tragedy Struck

    When they came to know about his intentions, they asked him to leave the house. Next day, Jothibasu came back and was extremely drunk.

    This is when he said that he was not that kind of hungry and started taking out Usha's saree. This was the first time when Usha was frightened, as the previous month's medical reports suggested that Jothibasu had AIDS.

    Despite having a wife, he had multiple affairs with other women. Seeing her mother struggling in front of her father, the poor daughter started pushing him to save her.

    It was then when the father pulled his daughter into the room and started molesting her. Poor mother could hear the screaming of her daughter and what happened next will give you chills.


    How She Had To Take The Decision Of Killing Him

    She took her son's bat, broke the window of the room and started hitting the man with a bat. She hit him until the man stopped moving.

    Instead of charging her with murder, they invoked section 100 and this was the first time when the law was used in Tamil Nadu. As per section 100, if the death of the person is caused in an attempt of Private defence, the person is not called a murderer.

    Today, Usha gives financial advice to those who require help with their investment.

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    Story first published: Thursday, November 30, 2017, 17:18 [IST]
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