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She Is Just 5 Years Old & Is Already Undergoing Menopause

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Hitting puberty is not always welcomed by many, as it includes acne and other bodily changes. But this is something that is very much needed to stay healthy and is a process of growing old.

She Got Her Periods At The Age Of 4!

But what happens if the timing of hitting your puberty is just at the age of 2 years? Sounds crazy, right? But this has happened in this case, where a young girl who got her first periods at the age of 4 is already hitting her menopause at the age of 5!

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Find out more about the strange case of this young girl...


She Was A Toddler Who Experienced Bodily Changes...

Emily Dover, who is 5 years old, is from New South Wales in Australia. When she was a toddler, she started developing breasts, body odour and acne. The doctors were clueless about her condition.


She Started Menstruating At The Age Of 4

She started menstruating just from the tender age of four years and within the past 12 months, she has grown pubic hair due to a condition that she is suffering from called Addison's disease. Within a span of 12 months, she has apparently grown pubic hair due to her condition as well.

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When She Got Her First Period...

Emily's mother revealed that when she first started her period, she thought she had soiled herself and she still has no clue what happens to her. She knows that she is a little different from the rest of the girls, as her body is special.


Currently, She Is Undergoing Menopause

She is currently experiencing the same debilitating symptoms that generally affect women in their 50s, when they undergo menopause. She has swollen wrists and ankles and even sore, itchy breasts and very painful bone growth issues.


She Is Undergoing Treatment For The Same

Apparently, to treat her complex health issues, the little girl is undergoing a course of monthly injections that would kick-start her bodily functions into a very premature menopause.

We wish her good luck.

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Story first published: Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 18:52 [IST]
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