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Sex Workers Dance At Cremation Grounds Here…

India is a rich country with a vast variety of rituals that are followed. There are so many rituals that Indians practice, and yet we, living in the same country, do not know about most of these.

One such ritual is when sex workers dance around the dead in a crematorium/the burial grounds.

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This ritual may sound offending to many, as it is so bizarre that the sex workers are seen dancing around the burning pyres, but the reason this ritual even started in the first place will simply amaze you.

So, check out the details of this bizarre practice, which are as mentioned below.


The Ritual Dates...

The ritual dance performance dates back to nearly 450 years, that is, to the era of Raja Manjsigh and it is said to be re-instated by Baba Shamshan Nath, who is the Godman of the cremation grounds. This ritual is held every year to coincide with the 'Navaratri' festival.

The Reason Behind The Celebration…

The main reason as to why this event, which is known as 'Shringar of Smashaneshwar Mahadev', is celebrated is because the sex workers from Shivdaspur, Manduadih, Chunar and Dalmandi red light areas of Varanasi come here to pray for a better life in their next birth.

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About The Venue…

The venue of this event is also known as the 'Mahashmashan' or the 'Grand cremation ground'. This is because of the popular belief that the funeral pyres never run out at this place and people throng here to have a glimpse of the dancers who perform into the wee hours of the night. There are different things like meat, bhang, ganja, money and even bottles of wine that are offered to the deity.

The Sex Workers Say…

According to the sex workers, they come here and pray to the Baba to help them attain blessings for a better life in their next birth. They pray that their lives should be better the next time in their next birth.

Now you know of why this ritual is followed, do spread the word and share this with your friends!

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